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Needlepoint Lessons


All through the early spring of 2015, I have posted Needlepoint Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advancing Students.


Several of you had written to me asking if I would leave the lessons on my website and so I have. They have become a permanent feature on Queendom Website.


After a long hiatus, I am back with the beginning of three new series of lessons for 2016.


Visit my 2015 lessons by clicking on any of the buttons on the far right.


Needlepoint Lessons of Mine

Coming on Monday Morning, May 16, a new series of Lessons inspired by two balls of Pearl Cotton, my forever friends in my needlepoint world.


May 2016

Lessons on Threads



Coming soon

Below are links to my series of lessons from 2015

Below is the link to my Lessons on Threads