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I have two months stitching time ahead: I started on March 1, 2017 and I have vowed to stitch each day, for all the time I can spare.


Sometimes life gets in the way with tasks like grocery store runs so that we can eat, but otherwise in these two months you will likely find me with my needle in my hand -- and grouchy if you interrupt my concentration!


As I stitch, I'm thinking of small tidbits of stitching behavior and why I like to do certain things in a certain way.


I decided to write random little lessons about my stitching adventures. I will post them on Queendom Website's home page till I think of the next lesson, then I will move them here.

Needlepoint Lessons of Mine

In 2015  I wrote a ton of lessons, now I'm back at it. It seems to be a Springtime Thing.

This Spring I'm stitching, hopefully 4-5 hours a day. These lessons are little random observations about stitching habits.


#1 Ripping: it is something we all have to do. Here are some notes resulting from hours I've spent ripping.


#2 Why I Rip so Much

Some notes on designing.


#3 Beginning and Ending Threads and the Value of Sharp Needles and Magnets


#4 Eyes that See


#5 How do I know I am Finished?


#6: An Easy Way to Add Highlights and Shadows