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Lessons for Beginners


Four years ago I wrote a series of Lessons for Beginners; now I find I've changed my mind a bit and in my lead-up to Catherine the Great, I'm rewriting the lessons a bit.


The most current lesson is on Queendom Website's Home Page and on this page.


You will find links to the former lessons below.

Needlepoint isn’t Rocket Science. It doesn’t take a long time to learn the basics, it isn’t earth shattering if you make a mistake and The Rules aren’t all that important. Needlepoint can be very creative and the more you develop your own ideas about it, likely the more you will enjoy it.


Right from the beginning, make it your own. Only work in colors and threads you love, only work on designs that have personal expression and personal meaning for you.


When you look for new projects, look for ones that will help you grow a bit, but look for easy little ones that will give you a chance to kick back and enjoy some pleasant hours in the company of your needle. Keep a variety of projects going so that you have one that suits your every mood.


Don’t let it all be easy, but don’t let it all be difficult either. Don’t let the tedium get you down; break the tedious parts with the parts you look forward to. If you’ve been working on something difficult for a while, rest your needle for a couple of minutes and reward yourself with something fun to stitch.


If you don’t understand, ask a friend who stitches; if you don’t have friends who stitch nearby,  join an online community and post your questions.


Don’t shy away from the difficult, just know that it may take some practice to learn how to do it. Practice in short snippets over days rather than hours all at once, and gradually you will learn.


Don’t ask your work to be perfect, for it won’t be, it never is. Instead, look to see if you improved. Is the work you are doing now better than the work you were doing 6 months ago? If the answer is yes, celebrate by an hour of stitching something fun.


And please remember this: the best stitcher isn’t the person who knows the most difficult techniques or has the most threads. The best stitcher is the person who finds a way to express what she wants to say in threads and colors she loves, even if the techniques she uses are simple and basic.

For Beginning Needlepoint Students, here is a reworking of my series from the past.

Introduction: Needlepoint isn't Rocket Science

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