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Photo by Arlene and Mike Sheras

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Some years ago a magazine article inspired me to stitch a portrait of Elizabeth 1.


In the same year I stitched miniatures of Mary, Queen of Scots and Bess of Hardwick. I was on an Elizabethan kick for sure.


I had had enough of portraits by the time I finished the three and I returned to stitching my favorite genre: samplers.


People kept asking me please to stitch another portrait and I kept saying no -- until DH suggested Catherine the Great.


Then I thought of Eleanor of Aquitaine, and finally, in 2018,

Queen Victoria as a Royal Bride.


NOW I am finished designing Queens. To catch up the series for people, I will sell them one more time in the Summer of 2019.


Eventually before Summer 2019 I will post links to each with more detailed information.

Clockwise from top: Elizabeth 1, a miniature of Mary, Queen of Scots, a miniature of Bess of Hardwick, Queen Victoria Royal Bride,

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Catherine the Great.

Photo by Arlene and Mike Sheras

Photo by Arlene and Mike Sheras