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Surprise Window #1


Until Saturday


this windw is a




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A Preview of Surprise Windows


Preview and Practice

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and you will find a small preview of Saturday Morning's Surprise Windows.

In addition you will have Surprise Window Practice to hone your skills!



Preview of A Very Special Sale of Honiton Lace

This year, to celebrate my portrait of Queen Victoria, I have collected Honiton Lace pieces, and if you scroll down you will see there are five sub-Windows which are photographs.


Click on the window below or any of the photographs for a special preveiw about this wonderful collection


Surprise Window #8

Grand Farewell to my Queens

In Celebration of Queen Victoria

Honiton Lace



Click on any of the photos

Click here if you are interested in

Honiton Lace collars and pieces with Shamrocks, Thistles and Roses, to celebrate Queen Victoria.

Before Saturday  :a Preview

 click on any of the photographs for a bit of guidance


On Saturday  they will open

for sale att 10:00 a.m.October 13 California time,


Click here if you are interest in Honiton Lace Collars and a piece of a collar.

Click here if you are interested in Lengths of Honiton Lace.

Click here if you are interested in

Snippets of Honiton Lace almost for the shipping costs.

Click here if you are interested in

Honiton Lace Handkerchiefs and Doilies

Here is a Question I am asked all the time

" Will I ever have a chance to buy a queen to fill out my series?"

There are lots of you who have 1 or 2 or 3 queens and you tell me you are most anxious to fill out the series.


If you come to the 9th (last) Window on Saturday, you will find out more about your requests.

New: Choice of cutwork

on Echoes II