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Gay Ann Rogers

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Needlework Designer/Teacher


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I have a bevy of beautiful queens that different people have stitched, some completed and framed, some still in progress.

Be sure to scroll down for a slideshow of them all.



Theresa reminded me that she was in my Elizabeth class at Callaway the last year I taught there. It must have been 8 or 9 years ago, I don't remember exactly when.


With some difficulties, Theresa put Elizabeth in the closet, but then retrieved her all this time later and finished her.

Good for you, Theresa, let that be an inspiration for us all to retrieve our WIPs and finish them!


Thank you for sharing your Elizabeth.


My World of Needlework


Featuring the First Three


This is a page of queens from the great stitchers who have stitched them over the years.


Each day I will add a new queen and some notes from her stitcher and from me.


At the same time I add the queen, I will add her to a slide show.


To find the slide show, scroll down and watch it transition.

I've set the speed for slow so that you will have time to enjoy each one.


If you wish to enjoy a queen for a longer time, wait and the slide show will scroll through all the queens again and again.


From Theresa Stevens

I took your last class at Callaway and really enjoyed the class.  The journey of stitching her has had some very challenging moments.  So challenging that I put her away for a long hiatus!  I just finished her this past April. Thanks so much for this beautiful design.

Below is my slide show of my followers' queens. You can click through it if you would like, by clicking the < and >

I have set the transition at a slow speed if you want to let it transition automatically.

My Own Three Queens: Elizabeth 1, Catherine the Great and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Soon there will be one more. Who will she be? This I will tell you: she was a powerful woman in her own right.


Elizabeth 1

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Catherine the Great