Small Flower Sampler

Gay Ann Rogers Needlework


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Small Flower Sampler


Available for Groups of 8 or more

Instructions, $16.00 per person, plus postage



Small Flower is a perfect sampler for using up snippets of threads in your stash. Most of the colors call for 1 strand only.


I used Soie d’Alger (a 7 ply silk) and pearl cotton, but you could use any silk or floss.


The sampler is 2.5” wide x 7” tall on white congress cloth  6” wide x 11” tall.


The instructions are 14 pages long, plus a Title Page. In addition there is 1 oversize graph plus a color copy of the finished project.


Instructions include thread and color numbers for the original (turquoise) carnation. Other colorways are for inspiration.


Minimum order is 8 copies mailed to a single address. The instructions are $16.00  for each copy. Shipping is $13.00 for however many will fit in a a flat rate box.


As I lined these little samplers up, I thought it would make a sweet project to stitch 3 of the flowers in a row, extend the borders, and vary the colors.