Paying on the Drip, Summer Sale 2017

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My Finance Plan called 'Paying on the Drip'


Would you like help with Financing? Here's how to Pay on the Drip

If you are interested in my novel financing plan, here's how it works.



Shop shop shop all you wish and make a list of the designs and kits you would like.


This plan will work for everything in this sale.


Figuring out your payment

Add up your purchases, then divide by the total number of months you would like to pay.


You may decide the number of months you would like to pay, up to 6 months with a minimum payment of $26.00 per month.


Here are examples:

If you would like designs totaling $104.00, your payments would be 4 months long, $26.00 per month. Or you could pay it off in 2 months, $53.00 each month, etc. You can design your own schedule.


Post-dated Checks

As many of you know, I am a terrible bookkeeper, so I've devised a novel plan to make it easy for both of us:


I will ask you to send me a series of post-dated checks, one for each month of your payment.

I will file the checks away and cash one each month.


Here's an example:

Say your shopping totals $106.00

Make 4 post-dated checks, each for $26.00, dated September 1 2017, October 1, 2017, November 1, 2017, December 1, 2017.


When would I send your designs?

As soon as I receive your checks, have the time to pack your designs and cash your first check (dated September 1, 2017) I will send your designs to you. You will have them as if you had paid the full amount.


Request a Drip Invoice

If you would like to pay on the drip:

email me and I will send you an official 'Drip Invoice'.



To make Drip work, I need the help of all of you. PLEASE don't sign up for my Drip if you look ahead and question whether you can really afford to make the payments. Please save us all a lot of   time and grief.




Please email me any questions: