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#6 Sunburst a Geometric

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a Geometric on 18 Mesh Canvas

Instructions only

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As I wrote earlier in Diamond Roundabout, I have had so many requests for designs on 18 mesh canvas that I went trolling through my files and came up with this one of a Sunburst, an intricate and densely stitched geometric

The design is on a 13" x 13" piece of 18-mesh canvas and uses 2 skeins of Watercolours, 1 skein of Vineyard Silk, 1 skein of Impressions, 2 skeins and 1 ball of pearl cotton, plus 6 spools of Kreinik braid.

The instructions are 21 pages long, plus a title page and a color copy of the three colorways shown.

The instructions include color numbers for the original colorway (the top photo).

The others are photoshop suggestions. I like making geometrics like these because they are a non-threatening way of encouraging people to explore colors. They are an easy way to bring out your creative side!

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