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#7 Red Kitty Sampler

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Red Kitty

A Redwork Sampler

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Red Kitty


I went through a redwork phase where I did a whole series of designs on congress cloth and floss. I am a lover of silk, particularly Soie d'Alger silk, but there are times when silk is wonderful and times when floss is wonderful. They aren't the same, they have different uses.

Floss is harder and stiffer than silk and sometimes makes cleaner stitch demarkations. Sometimes, as with this design the cleaner stitch demarkations work well; other times, as in silken clothes and rich composite patterns silk works much better.

Over the years this is one of the most popular designs I've ever stitched, for several reasons, I'm guessing. First the kitty came out wonderfully saucy, don't you think? The second, the design which requires a piece of congress cloth 10" wide x 16" long, 1 ball of pearl cotton #8 and 3 skeins of floss is very reasonable in cost. Third, the project has enough detail to make for an interesting stitch, but there's nothing difficult. And of course, the stitching world is filled with cat lovers.

My favorite bit: the band of up and down kitty faces connected by their whiskers.

Any color floss and pearl will work so long as there is a sufficient contrast between the ground fabric and the thread. And of course if you wish, you can work in silk

The instructions are 14 pages long, plus a title page, two oversize graphs and a color copy of the finished sampler.

Red Kitty has a mystery: can you see it? There's no X in the alphabet. I would understand if it were the letter 'S' or the letter 'U' which came into the alphabet later. So why did I omit the 'X'? Your guess is as good as mine.

A Note about Very Fine Linens

Sampler lovers have worked this pattern on very fine linen ground (40+ count). I never thought my designs worked as well on those find count linens because the finer linen, the heavier the thread looks, the more each hole is packed.

Long ago I learned a trick, to use a finer weight thread and the project looks more delicate. So that if the thread begins filling the holes to full, the project looks denser and less delicate.

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