Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

#1 Wonderful Stilettos from CArolyn

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Carolyn's Antique Stilettos

Repurposing Stilettos to become Laying Tools for Today's Stitcher

ONE ONLY of Each.

Email me with your choices, first come first Serve.

I will email you as soon as I can about your choices.

If you are the lucky person, I will email your order to Carolyn who will request payment and mail your beautiful choice to you. Lucky you!

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Stiletto #3


Stiletto #4


Stiletto #5


Stiletto #6


Stiletto #7


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Stiletto #9


Stiletto #10


Stiletto #1


Stiletto #2


Comments from me on Stiletto #1: This is one of my personal favorites in the sale. I love the age (imagine, when Jane Austen was still alive) and the precision and the intricacy of the carving (all the detail on such a small tool, only 3" long when closed). I always marvel that these beautiful little objects have survived for 200 years. This has one of my favorite features: a hole in the top so that you can make a fob either beaded or stitched, and attach it easily.

Comments from me on #2 Stiletto: A beautiful and unusual stiletto with its mother-of-pearl point and gilded handle, this one would be so decorative in a sewing case. Isn't it pretty how the mother of pearl reflects the gold color of the handle. Such a pretty scrolling leaf pattern on the handle.

Comments from me on #3 Stiletto: The turning on the handle of this stiletto is lovely, with its deep grooves and ring-like decoration. It is interesting to note the style changes throughout the century.

Comments from me on Stiletto #4: a large stiletto with a steel point and a sterling handle, this is American made by Webster Co. Webster is responsible for some of our nicest turn-of-the century designs. With some perseverance, you will find this notable pattern, called 'Orchid' in an array of needlework tools, including a thimble and a tape measure.

Comments from me on Stiletto #5: a bit smaller, with a simpler pattern, this stiletto is the same age as Stiletto #1 and it has some of the same features: it reverses so that the point is protected when not in use, and it has a nice large hole for attaching a fob.

Comments from me on Stiletto #6: The graceful design of the mother-of-pearl handle and the ornamentation on the steel point distinguishes this very reasonably priced stiletto.

Comments from me on #5 Stiletto: A small French stiletto with a silver gilt handle, this likely was once a part of a set. I love small and delicate tools and this is so pretty!

Comments from me on Stiletto #7: A beautifully carved stiletto from the early part of the 19th century, this one is much the same as Stiletto #1 and #5, with a reversing point and a hole in the top, convenient for attaching a fob. As I said earlier, these are my personal favorite stilettos and this one is beautiful!

Comments from me on Stiletto #10: How tiny is this stiletto! For me that is its attraction: I love tiny needlework tools.  For something so small, consider all the detail in the carving, plus the crown shaped top.

Comments from me on Stiletto #9:  The 1840's is the age of ornate and highly decorative needlework tools, and this one with its wonderful silver handle and embellished steel point fits right in. This is one beautiful stiletto!

Thanks, Carolyn, what a wonderful collection of stilettos!

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