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Carolyn's Antique Needlework Tools

ONE ONLY of Each.

Email me with your choices, first come first Serve.

I will email you as soon as I can about your choices.

If you are the lucky person, I will email your order to Carolyn who will request payment and mail your beautiful choice to you. Lucky you!

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Comments from me on #1 Enamel Set: These sets are enormously difficult to find and it was just luck that Carolyn found one and saved it for Surprise Windows.

If you scroll down, Carolyn also offers the scissors and thimble without the case.

If you look at my Guilloche Sampler, you will see that the scissors here were the inspiration for the Guilloche scissors on my sampler.  





Comments from me on #2 Needlecase: If you look back at Stiletto #1 in Surprise Window #1, you will see that this needle case looks like it would coordinate perfectly: beautiful carving on both. They might not have begun life as a pair, but I think they would look wonderful together.



Comments from me on #3 Pincushion: It has always been difficult to find tortoiseshell needlework tools. Here is one, inlaid with a shield on one side and a cartouche on the other. Not easy to find, even more difficult to find with the inlay in great condition.  





Comments from me on #4 Needlecase: The problem with photographs is that you can't see the scale, so you can't see how tiny the beads are on this needlecase. If it is similar to its sisters, the beads are miniscule! All that delicate beading!  



Comments from me on #6 Pincushion: These pincushions, incredibly thin and delicate were probably my favorite little pincushions. They came in an array of shapes, the most common a bellows. This heart is more difficult to find. Whenever I see them, I always think, how did they survive for 200 years?

Comments from me on #5 Scissors:  The 1840's were the years of wonderful intricate designs on needlework tools and these scissors are a good example. Just look at the detail and the grace of the birds on the handles.  



Comments from me on #7 Needlecase: How pretty is the design on this silver needlecase, with its urn of flowers and scrolls. The French are masters of these sorts of delicate scrolling designs and this is a very nice example.



Comments from me on #8 Guilloche Enamel Scissors and Thimble: Similar to the #1 set, here are the scissors and thimble that inspired my Guilloche Enamel Sampler. The thimble here has knurling and an enamel band and was the inspiration for two of the thimbles on my Guilloche Sampler.

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Again, thank you, Carolyn, for the wonderful collection! I love that you went to the trouble of finding Guilloche tools to harmonize with this year's E-Week.