Trip to Meet the Last Queen

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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

Trip began on

August 5, 2018


Over land and sea,

where are we?


As soon is seen

We'll meet a Queen.

Our Trip To Meet The Last Queen Begins Today

Sunday August 5, Day 1 of our trip


It is Sunday, August 5 and Queendom Website's personal jet,'The Queen's Flight is parked in our driveway.

We will depart this evening, fetch you all and head for our destination.. MacSoph has told me that we will reach our destination tomorrow morning, right about daybreak.


For now, pack your bags, all of you who wish to come along!

We will have room for you!

The Queen's Flight is parked in our driveway and ready for take off. We won't take off, though, until dark. Don't you think it is a little odd to take off from a driveway? MacSoph and I are not even sure that it is legal. So we will wait until the sun sets, when it won't be as noticeable, and then we will depart.





Pack your bag and be waiting by your front door and we will fetch you in the night.


Pack your bag with a small project so that we can while away the time in the air.


Don't worry if you forget something, for the Queen's Flight is well stocked with stitching wares and once aboard you may have whatever you would like.


As you can see, we are literally aboard a flying needlepoint shop.



Hints and History


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The sun has set, and after a day of preparation, MacSoph is in the cockpit, flying the Queen's Flight and we are dashing here and there, picking up everyone!


Here you are, I see you and we are swooping down to fetch you! Come on, climb aboard, settle in and make yourself comfy! We have a very long night ahead!

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second day.