Needlework Designer/Teacher

Gay Ann Rogers

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Gay Ann Rogers

So Where are Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony?

I reached my first goal: to finish the basic structure of the sampler. Because of my decision to have a small E-Week sale this year, I have packed the sampler away for a while.

They will return, but business takes over for a while.

I have a lovely surprise this year and it made my decision to have E-Week after all. A compromise: it will be a small sale but Carolyn will return with goodies for Surprise Windows and I have a couple of surprise kits (just two) also for Surprise Windows.

Looking Ahead

Carol H. started me thinking about time management and focusing on getting to the finish line. I will write more about this in News&Views, and in the new Year I will start some new guidelines for stitching time.  I need it myself: I have more projects going right now than I usually have and I have a long list of projects I want to do.  And I have to be more disciplined about writing instructions.

Time to start looking ahead and planning good use of our time. Let's do it together.

The Passage of Time

(Time Sampler)

The Wait-listed Sale of Time Samplers is now closed.

I will leave up the information for another day so that those of you who ordered the sampler may want to check the page once more.

Queendom Website will say good bye to Time Sampler tomorrow.

The Passage of Time

(Time Sampler)

$50.00 non-refundable deposit for shipping date on or before Feb 14 2022.

Total Price: $278.00 includes instructions, all threads, canvas, doodle and priority shipping and insurance within the U.S.

Balance Due by shipping date on or before February 14, 2022  will be $228.00

For Time Sampler

Kit Deposit

Limited to

20 reservations only.

Important Notes

The deposit is non-refundable.

If I can't deliver the kits for some reason, of course I will refund it, but otherwise, the deposit of $50.00 is non-refundable.

Time Sampler Kit

The Story of my Time Sampler

One of my favorite pieces of work, I designed and stitched the samper about 17 years ago in memory of my father. It hangs in our hallway where I pass it every day and pause most days to reflect on it.

If you look carefully at the sampler, you will find my father's  initials, and in tiny Roman Numerals, the dates and numbers important in his family life: the day he was born, the day he and my mother married, the births of his three children (I'm the oldest) and the day he died.

I set the clock at the hour of his death. Notice that the hour glass is not empty -- that's because we live on, as do the seasons, the sun, the moon and the pull of the tide.

I wrote the small saying based on Joseph Campbell's thought about Eternity, that it is the here and the now, the present.

Long ago DH said to me that we stitchers seem so passionate about our stitching. I know what it is for me: it marks Joseph Campbell's moment of the here and now, when I live totally in the present. I think of this each time I see the sampler.

I never intended to teach or sell the sampler, but Jody Adams convinced me to do it. As I look back it was the only great class I ever taught: I told my students: this is my story, not yours, if you are going to stitch this, you have to make it your story.

By then Marie Therese was my Callaway boss and she fetched me out of my class and asked me what I was doing! Evidently there was a line of my students at the copy machine and they were all weeping for they were reliving their own stories.

That's the only reason I agree to sell it: if you stitch it, you promise that it will tell your story.

Gay Ann

Time Sampler Kit Contents

The Sampler is approximately 11" x 8.5" on a piece of white congress cloth 14" x 16". I will also include a doodle 6" x 8" (the size I cut now).

Threads include 24 colors of Soie d'Alger which I mounted on Access's thread drops held together by a ring. I wrote the color on each drop. Some colors are a single strand, some 7-10 strands.

In addition: three spools of Accentuate, six spools of Kreinik braid, 1/2 skein of Impressions, a length of floss and cards wrapped with Soie Gobelins and Soie Perlee.

The instructions are 64 pages long, plus my original classroom letter and a title page, along with four Oversize Graphs and a color copy of my finished sampler.

Shipping by priority flat rate, insured, plus PayPal fees are included in the price.

Please scroll down for descriptions.