Surprise 1: Carolyn's Stilettos for 2020

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Beautiful Stilettos

From Carolyn

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My Comments: I love this French design of a bow and a basket full of flowers, I think it is a beautiful design.

This one likely once belonged in an elegant sewing set, perhaps the only surviving piece from a bygone era.

My Comments: Not the standard mother-of-pearl handle on a stiletto, this one has an almost tear-drop shape. Stilettos with mother of pearl have grown rarer through the years, and here in a very pretty one at a very reasonable price. It would make a nice laying tool indeed.

#1-2   $23.00

My Comments: The stylish twist of the design on this stiletto, with its gently geometric proportions looks almost like the predecessor of Art Deco. I particularly like the repetition of the twist on the steel shank. Very nice indeed.

#1-3   $93.00

My Comments: How unusual is this stiletto, celluliod inlad with leaves and berries. These sorts of designs were usually found on ivory and tortoiseshell of an earlier age and usually woefully expensive. Here someone, inspired by the past, used the inspiration and created a similar one.

My Comments: When I first look at this stiletto, I thought it would make a perfect intricate geometric canvas, a strong color, silver and I would add pearls. This is the sort of thing I often choose, just for its inspiration.

#1-5   $48.00

#1-4   $28.00

My Comments: I had a very tough time not pulling this one out of the sale for myself. Look at the mother of pearl crown on the top! If anyone is stitching anything royal, this would be a perfect tool to use.

#1-6  $38.00

My Comments: Such an ornate and beautiful piece of silverwork on the handle of this pierced stiletto!

Look at the beautiful scrolls and the graceful shape.

#1-7  $123.00

My Comments: My favorite of all stilettos, my favorite age of needlework tools, and I particularly love the little ones like this, with the hole in the end so that you can attach a fob. I have too many of them and love each one!

#1-8  $133.00

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#1-1   $43.00

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From Gay Ann: It is my joy to share these beautiful tools with you. Please know that I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business other than I buy too much from her. Enjoy!

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