Surprise 2: Carolyn's PinBall

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Carolyn's PinBalL

Kit including 32 count silk gauze and floss.

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Description of the Pinball Kit

The stitches to create the pinball are Tent Stitch and Bargello, written in large (8.5" x 11") graphs, in full color and repeated in black and white for people who prefer working from black and white charts.

The kit includes instructions, a color copy of the finished pinball, two 7" x 7" pieces of silk gauze and floss in the various colors.

The instructions include finishing techniques; the kit does not include finishing materials, but they are easy to find and Carolyn tells you where to find them.

In addition to the kit contents you will need tape for the edges of the silk gauze, tacks and a piece of matte board with an opening or 7" x 7" stretcher bars and thumb tacks.

From Gay Ann

Here is a special kit designed by Carolyn Meacham, a re-creation of an antique pinball. It is so convincing that the first time I saw it, I thought she was selling the antique.

The finished pinball is about

2 1/4" in diameter, worked in 32 count silk gauze.

The silk gauze is surprising easy to see as the holes are large compared to the fine silk threads.

I have wanted to try silk gauze for so long, but never did, so now is my chance, and I am #1 in line for this kit.

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Carolyn's Comments on the Eagle Pin Ball

This pin ball is patterned after one in my collection that dates to about 1790-1800 and has silk Florentine (Bargello) stitch on both sides. I used the same Bargello pattern on one side but altered the colors to muted reds, creams and blues. True flag colors would have been too bright and crisp.

The side with the eagle was inspired by the knitted pinballs of this same era where white beads or knitting picked out the pattern on a dark solid colored background. I looked for a fierce Federalist style eagle but nothing fit my round format. I used the features of many and added the traditional laurel leaves and stars to make him round pinball friendly. The size, shape and finishing on the pinball are exactly like my antique. Below are a couple of typical knitted pinballs I based the eagle’s style on.

Before Carolyn was the premiere needlework tools dealer, she was a designer, and now she's back to a bit of designing.

Makes me very happy she did this for my Patriotica Sale! I can't wait to try it!

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