Surprise Window 4   Practice

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Americana Needlework

Tools From Carolyn

Only one of each, click on the blue button button to email your choice quickly!

I will email you as quickly as I can!

Later on, if the tool is yours, I will send your name and address to Carolyn Meacham and she will write you about the details of paying and shipping. Shipping is included in the price.

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My Comments: Simons, known for its thimbles, also made scissors, but not nearly as many survived. Here are handsome scissors that would go very nicely with a Liberty Bell thimble or the Washington, D.C. thimble, in a Patriotic sewing case.

Welcome to Surprise Window Practice

Here is a peek at one of the treasures Carolyn has selected for Surprise Window #4, scissors by the renowned Simons Bros.

On Saturday morning, October 17 you will be able to open the window for real and you will find 8 more Americana treasures.

There's only one of each, so you have to be nimble and email me straight away!

I will let you know details as quickly as I can!

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