Surprise 8: Carolyn's Needle Book

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Carolyn's Needle Book

Kit including congress cloth and  floss.

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From Gay Ann:

Here is the second of Carolyn's special patriotic pieces for my Patriotic Sale. This one is a re-creation of an antique needle book with an eagle and stars and stripes.

The needle book is approximately  3 3/4"  x  3 1/4" when folded; it is about 7 3/4" x 3 1/4" when flattened. The needle book is worked on soft congress cloth 8" x 11".

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Description of the Needle Book Kit

The stitches to create the needle book are basic needlepoint/cross stitch stitches written in large (11" x 17") graphs, in full color and repeated in black and white for people who prefer working from black and white charts.

The kit includes instructions, a color copy of the finished needle book, a piece of soft congress cloth 8" x 11"  and floss in the various colors of the needle book.

The instructions include finishing techniques; the kit does not include finishing materials, but they are easy to find and Carolyn tells you where to find them.

In addition to the kit contents you will need tape for the edges of the congress cloth, plus 8" x 11" stretcher bars and thumb tacks.

Notes from Carolyn on Her Patriotic Needle Book

The idea of this little needle book is based on an antique American one that I own. The old one is larger and has silk compartments for all sorts of tools as well as wool needle pages, a notebook and large gusseted silk pockets. The cover is stitched in silk Florentine stitch as they often were in the 18th century. The interior finishing alone would have been impossible for me to tackle but it inspired me and I took the idea from it for the silk lining fitted with a silk band to hold small tools.

I wanted a patriotic theme, something traditional but new. I loved the look of the waving and draped flags in the old Federalist woodcuts but the shape of the needle book didn’t lend itself to reproducing these flags. The waving stripes had this same feel and allowed space around to add the blue and the stars. The eagle was a natural to add to the front with the red flag stripes as his background. He was also inspired by 18th century prints. Because the needle book is small, it would be just as appropriate to leave off the interior fittings, line it in silk and use it as a needle book. I haven’t yet but am planning to embroider the date and my initials on the silk lining.

Before Carolyn was the premiere needlework tools dealer, she was a designer, and now she's back to a bit of designing.

I am delighted she made both of these designs especially for my Patriotica Sale and I jumped the queue and ordered both for myself.

Thanks, Carolyn, for making my Patriotica Sale special.

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