Surprise Window  9: what's next in 2021

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

     Travel by Heart  Across America

My Idea

I saw a photo of a magical garland on a fire place, the garland was filled with over 200 patrioitc ornaments and hearts I want to try this, with my Betsy at its center. Here's a photo of our fireplace and it would be perfect! So I have a long road, filled with lots of Patriotica.

More About 2021

As I look ahead to 2020 on Queendom Website, I am already thinking about E-Week 2021: do I do the Tudor Designs I stitched during the pandemic or do I do the Russian Fabergé and Eagle Designs?

If you wish to have some say in the choice, email me by clicking on the button below:

Choices Choices!

Click here to let me know: Tudor or Russian??

Thank you!

Thank you for coming to E-Week's Surprise Windows 2020.

As soon as time allows, I will mark the one-of-a-kind items 'sold'.

I will leave Surprise Windows open for the duration of the sale.

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As I look ahead to 2020 on Queendom Website,

I have two ideas that have stayed with me.

Scroll down and you will see a photo of our fireplace.

I have it in mind to put Betsy at the center, with a draping green

garland around her, filled with bits and pieces of Patriotica.

I saw a photo like this one time not long ago and I loved it and decided slowly, as time allowed, I would create a garland and add each year to it.

I'm off to a good start and I plan to continue. Here are my next two hearts, Traveling by Heart:  San Francisco and New York. Here they are, and if you would like to reserve a kit for yourself in February. I will have them ready for Valentine's Day.

EWeek 2020 is closed.