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Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

My Comments: A pretty handle on the stiletto above has a nice proportion and the decoration on the shank offsets the simple handle. Very elegant and looks like it would be comfortable in one's hand.

My Comments: Many collectors I've known, me included, like to collect novelties of which this stilleto is one: look at the unique way this slider which regulates the tip of the stiletto, works. It is a variation on the more common slider sometimes found on American stilettos with silver  handles.

My Comments: In the last couple of years I have developed a passion for Stern/Goldsmith Stern thimbles and I can't get enough of them!

I already had this one or it wouldn't be here. I hope it finds a nice home.

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Carolyn's Christmas Tools!

A selection of stilettos and thimbles on this page. Enjoy!

My Comments: During and after I stitched my Thimbles Sampler (see the fourth window) I began looking at thimbles for the patterns on their bands. The scrolling rim is indeed a nice one but it is the scrolling band of leaves that interests me the most.

Pretty pattern to adapt to needlepoint.

#1-8  $63.00 for the pair

My Comments: This is the second pair (stiletto and matching crochet hook in this sale. Notice the handles of the two pairs are slightly different. Each pair would be wonderful in a modern sewing case or box.

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My Comments: I think this one is such an elegant stiletto with its turned ivory handle and decorated steel shank. Small steel decorations like the one on this stiletto is always a mark of excellent design and workmanship.

My Comments: the ribbons and laurel leaves on the silver handle of this stiletto are so graceful and the nicely turned shank adds distinction to this stiletto, a very pretty laying tool in the making. Very  pretty indeed.

My Comments: I was quite surprised to find not one but two matching pairs of stiletto and crochet hook. Yes, I know that crochet hooks are for crochet, but just as we stitchers have repurposed stilettos into laying tools, we have also repurposed very fine crochet hooks into helping with stitching tasks like pulling threads through somall spaces. I have often wondered too about using a crochet hook to do chain stitch, similar to the job of the old Tambour Hook.

#1-7   $63.00 for the pair

#1-9   $66.00

Christmas with Carolyn

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#1-2   $43.00

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My Comments: we stitchers have indeed repurposed stilettos into modern laying tools. Here is a super little steel stiletto, now 160 years old and still with some of its steel sparkle.


From Gay Ann: It is my joy to share these beautiful tools with you. Please know that I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business other than I buy too much from her. Enjoy!









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