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Rasa's Pretty Draw-string Bags


Here are Rasa's bags. They are perfect for 8" x 8" stretcher bars, the size of each of my hearts.

The bag on the left features Christmas Roses, machine-embroidered on the linen bag and beautifully crocheted as the draw string pulls.

The bag on the left is Carolyn's  with her name.  You may opt for a name or Initials and without either.

The bag is approximately 10.5" wide x 12.5" tall, as I said, a perfect tote for one of my hearts on 8" x 8" stretcher bars.

Rasa makes each of these bags as a special order so it will take her a while to complete each.

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Hello From Rasa Herself:

an Introduction

Hello, my name is Rasa, I am from Lithuania, this is a very green and beautiful corner of the planet.  Lithuania is a land of flax, delicious bread, aromatic beer and rich history.  It's hard for me to say when I started doing needlework and picked up the hook.  I remember how I created outfits for my dolls, and then crochet beautiful openwork collars for school uniforms.  My mother is a talented needlewoman, I learned a lot from her.  My handicraft is always with me, I knit everywhere, in the car, in the park, on the plane, even when I am waiting for a doctor's appointment.  Previously, my strings, yarn, crochet hooks and other tools just lay in the handbag and it was very inconvenient.  And then, for my birthday, I got a simple needlework bag made of printed cotton fabric.  That's when I realized that such bags are very convenient, and you can also make them very beautiful.  I really love flowers and embroidery on linen (after all, I am from Lithuania, flax and many flowers grow) and I had an idea to embroider flowers and the initials of a needlewoman on linen, and make laces and ties in the form of flowers.  I made many handicraft bags as a gift to my friends and they loved it.  Now my bag is in order, everything is organized, and handicraft bags cheer up, because they are comfortable and beautiful.  Thank you so much for being interested in my work and me.  Sincerely yours, Rasa.

Rasa's Bags include Name or initials or none

The price for the bag, including shipping, is $58.50. The price for the scissors fob is $28.50.

To place your order, click on the green button to email me.

Please specify CAROLYN'S BAG or GAY ANN'S BAG with NAME or INITIALS or NONE.

How Carolyn Knows Rasa

I ‘met’ Rasa one day when I was searching online for a birthday present for my sister. She collects rabbits and I found this cute little crocheted bunny. I started looking through all of the offerings there and came across an embroidered drawstring linen pouch with crocheted flowers and ties. I wrote to ask the size of the bag and ended up exchanging emails with this delightful lady and her husband. Her very favorite thing is to create special custom pieces so when we had the idea for these special offerings, she was the one I contacted. Her quality and attention to detail are outstanding and I hope you will enjoy her pieces as much as I have.      Carolyn

Gay Ann's Comments

As a present a year or two ago, Carolyn sent me one of Rasa's bag with rose buds and my name and I loved it.  Not only did I admire the workmanship but it is a perfect size for me to carry:  Heart stretcher bars fit perfectly inside, with plenty of room for little flossie bags of silk, a few spools of Kreinik braid, scissors a packet of needles, a pencil and a couple of pieces of paper for notes to myself.

Rasa's workmanship is excellent! The machine embroidery is well done, the lines sewn so well, and I've never seen such super crochet. The bag is lined with little needlework spools and thimbles and fits perfectly the machine-embroidered needle, thimble and spool.

Lovely to find a new artisan to feature on Queendom Website.  GA

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$58.50 including shipping

$58.50 including shipping

Crochet Thimble Fob (without scissors) $28.50