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Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

My Comments: I love these thimbles with their ornate gold bands. I think this one is unmarked -- it could easily be Simons, but might also be Stern Bros which also made a series of them, including one of my very favorite thimbles with a design somewhat reminiscent of this one. Beautiful design on this thimble!

My Comments: I don't know that I have seen these scissors all that often, scissors forming a cross. The detail is lovely and the scissors look to be in wonderful condition.

My Comments: The pretty ivory stiletto is nicely paired with a very fine metal crochet hook with a case. Although they did not begin life together, they look so elegant together. We stitchers have repurposed old stiltettos into laying tools and fine crochet hooks also come in very handy for tidying loose ends. Very useful pair indeed.

My Comments: If I have a passion for ivory disk pincushions, I have a passion for these 'reversing' ivory stiletto. This one has a pretty basket pattern and I love the overall juxtaposition of the plain turning on the handle and the elaborate basketweave pattern on the point. Beautiful!

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Carolyn's Christmas Tools!

A selection of pincushions, scissors, stilettos and thimbles

on this page. Enjoy!

Christmas with Carolyn

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My Comments: another ivory pincushion, this time a bit later and a bit more elaborate. Imagine that the carver had the skill to hollow out the top disk so that the red cloth showed through. Look at the tiny notches around the red cloth and imagine carving them without breaking the ivory. Oh my.

My Comments: Such a pretty stiletto: mother of pearl combined with silver, and all the turning decoration on the shank. I love the shell pattern on the end, a nice decorative touch to spice up the plain mother of pearl.

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My Comments: Beautiful workmanship on this elaborately carved ivory tapemeasure, with its intricately carved patterns. Very pretty indeed!

My Comments:  A thimble that has become very special for me, for I adapted the little landscape on it as the focal band on my Thimbles Sampler. I will show it again next to the sampler in Surprise Window 4 so you can see what I did with it. In my opinion, the band makes the sampler.

These scenic thimbles are so American and this is one of my favorites, with the house and trees, the road, the mountains and the sun. The scene on the band is hand-chased, so each one of these has its distinct personality. No two are alike.

#3 -1   $98.00

My Comments: I have a passion for these little turned ivory pincushions: ivory on the top, ivory on the bottom, a length of silk sewn to holes which holds stuffing to hold the pins. I see that the pincushion holds several 'coil-head' pins, the same age as the pincushion.

#3-2   $68.00

#3-3   $53.00

for the pair

#3-4   $48.00

#3-5   $128.00

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#3-7   $48.00

#3-8  $98.00

#3-9   $93.00

#3-6   $88.00

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From Gay Ann: It is my joy to share these beautiful tools with you. Please know that I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business other than I buy too much from her. Enjoy!

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