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Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

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     American Silver Thimbles Sampler

American Scenic Thimble by Simons

A distinctly American silver thimble with a scenic landscape band by Simons became the focal point for my sampler: the house, the treens, the mountains, sun, road and fields.

These little Simons thimbles are each hand-chased so the scene on each one is slightly different.

This thimble is for sale in Surprise Window #3. It is #3-7.

Description of the Sampler

If you scroll down you will see the sampler when I first started stitching it.

In addition to the thimbles and the makers marks (Ketcham&McDougall, Stern Bros/ Goldsmith Stern/ Webster and Simons, I intended to decorate the border and bands with designs adapted from the thimbles themselves.

For example, the border is adapted from a Webster thimble, the bands above and below the Simons landscap are adapted from Stern Bros, KMD. The pink roses are from KMD's Wild Rose thimble and the two bands with roses and forget me nots from Simons guilloche thimbles.

I thought I had planned it so carefully, but when I took the last stitches, I was surprised. Plan as I did, it turned out so different from my expectations.

If you look at my start on the left, would you have expected the finished sampler?

When Will I Offer The Sampler?

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