Surprise Windows Oct. 17, 2020

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

MacSoph's and My Space for Notes

This is a space where I write notes and updates during Surprise Windows.

Check back here to see any additional notes from us about the Surprises.

I will also alert you here each time I have opened a new window.

Here's my last window, a way of casting a glance to the future of Queendome Website on 2020 and saying Thank You!  

I will mark the tools 'sold' in Windows #1 and #4 and will leave everything else open and for sale until Monday afternoon. Thank you for coming to Surprise Windows and to E-Week itself.

E-Week will remain open until Monday afternoon. Again, Thanks! I'll catch up on correspondence now.

More Space for MacSoph and Me

Here are some important notes:

MacSoph and I will open each window as near as we can to the correct time (8:00, 8:15 etc). It may take a minute or two for MacSoph to publish, so keep refreshing and clicking. This is the key to finding the open window.

Quick response is important because there are many one-only items this morning. Email me as soon as you have made your choices and the first people to email me will win the item(s).

I will email back as quickly as I can

I will also mark 'sold' items as quickly as possible.

For those of you who are successful, I will write to you in the afternoon after Surprise Windows finish.

While there are many one-only items, there are also returning designs of mine so I'm hoping nobody is disappointed and goes away empty-handed.

After Surprise Windows finish,  I will leave all the windows posted and you can keep shopping till the end of the sale on Tuesday afternoon.

As I said above, I will mark the items 'sold' as quickly as I can.

Remember: most important, keep refreshing your computer.

How do you 'refresh your computer'?

Put your cursor up in the little window that says

click so your cursor is flashing up there.

Then hit your 'return' button and your computer will reload the page.

That's what refreshing is.


Window #1

Each year a treat,

these are some of the best ever!



Window #2

A different facet of Carolyn


Window #3

A good choice

for newbies to my patterns


Window 4#

Oh My,

Such Treasures!


Window #5

plus a new one


Window #6

The Dowager

arrives at E-Week.


Window #7

Following the Dowager.


Window #8

And another facet

of Carolyn,


Window #9

Looking ahead:

Shopping in 2021

Surprise Window Strategy

1. Email me as quickly as you make your choices! I take the emails in the order they arrive in my inbox.

2. If you want two items, you may include them in one email to me. Make sure you say 'I want both'

3. If you have choices, list your choices as 1. 2. or 3. I will give you whichever is highest on your list.

4. I will email you fast as I can. If you are the first, I will let you know fast as I can but will settle with you later in the afternoon.