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Why I chose Betsy Ross

After I had stitched four queens, my followers asked me, why is there no American?

Said I, because last time I checked, we Americans didn't have queens. I had no plans to make an American until DH emailed me a wonderful article on Betsy Ross. I read the article and knew that Betsy was my American.

Here's what sold me: the article was on the myth of Betsy Ross and it granted me permission to do a Betsy however I wanted to create her. There was no real honest true only-way-to-do Betsy. I could make her whatever I wanted. So that's what I did.

Description of Betsy Ross, My American Patriot

Betsy is larger than my queens. They were each on 12" x 14" congress cloth.

Betsy is on 14" x 16" congress cloth; like the queens, she is densely stitched, with no exposed canvas except around her collar and the brim of her cap, because of the pulled thread patterns.

Betsy uses a lot of silk, floss and Kreinik braid: 22 colors of Soie d'Alger for a total of 77 strands; 7 skeins of floss, 5 spools of Kreinik braid, 2 balls of white pearl cotton and a spool of 100/3 Au Ver a Soie silk.

The kit includes a piece of white congress cloth 14" wide by 16" tall and 6" x 8" doodle canvas.

The instructions for Betsy are 77 pages long, plus 6 Oversize Graphs (11 x 17) in color, a title page and a color photo of my finished Betsy.

Betsy also includes a Stitchalong Group at Shining Needle Society. More about this group below.

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A Betsy Stitchalong Group at Shining Needle Society

Our Stitchalong Group will not be a formal class but both Arlene Sheras (who is diligently stitching Betsy as I write this) and I will be available for help, plus I am hoping people will help one another.

Arlene joins me as what DH refers to as a 'Reader' (a TA). Kate will organize both an iogroups room and a facebook page open only to Betsy Stitchers.

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