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Description of Betsy's Sewing Case

Notice that I stitched a little sewing case on Betsy's Table, and then I stitched the Sewing Case itself.

I used Patriotic Scissors and two small paper needle book folders to fill the pockets of the Sewing Case.

The Sewing Case uses the same Red, White and Blue Soie d'Alger colors as in Betsy's Portrait. plus the same Kreinik braids (with the addition of silver for the scissors blades) and Pearl cotton 12.

The Sewing Case is stitched on 3 pieces of white congress cloth, 2 each

9" tall x 11" wide and one 8" tall x 9" wide. The assembly of the sewing case is simple.

Threads include four colors of Soie d'Alger (a total of 22 strands), 9 spools of Kreinik braid, 1 ball of pearl cotton #12 and Impressions for tassels on the ends of the tie cords.

The instructions for the Sewing Case are 33 pages long plus 6 Oversize Graphs  (each 11" x 17"), a title page and a color copy of my finished Sewing Case. The instructions include directions for assembling the Sewing Case.

NEW  Betsy's Sewing Case

Complete Kit including Red White and Blue Scissors and two Betsy Paper Needle Books.

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Betsy's Sewing Case

complete kit but no scissors,

no paper needle books)

Price is $167.00 including shipping

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Paper Needle Books and Patriotic Scissors.

Above: paper needle books and Patriotic Scissors to fill Betsy's Sewing Case.

Below: photo of the insides of the needle books:

each has a felt filling, one with two tapestry needles, one with two sharp (embroidery) needles which I like to use to finish off threads.

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