FireWorks, a four-Way Geometric

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Fireworks, a Geometric

Instructions only (no threads, no canvas)

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Val Reece's TWO editions of Fireworks. She called hers Manhattan Beach Fireworks.

Val is one of my favorite stitchers because she is often so creative with patterns. Look at Val's Manhattan Beach Fireworks and see how different it makes the pattern. Val sent me a chart with her colors and I added it to the instructions. Thanks, Val, for being your creative self!

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The fun doesn't stop here. Val inspired me to colorize some Fireworks. If you click on the button below, you will travel to see yet more color ideas.

A New Resolution

I have made a resolution to make more geometrics on 18 mesh canvas. I love to make them, I sometimes choose some colors and just start and see where they lead. The whole process is so freeing and creative.

Here is Fireworks which I loved making. If you look carefully at the design, it divides into so many different projects. Here are a few I see:

1. The Center Square

You could make the smaller square, add Nun's Stitch, tilt it so it becomes a diamond-shaped ornament. A small ornament in, I would guess, about an hour's time. Ornament size: 1 3/4"

2. Make the largers square, do the same. 2 3/4"

3. Notice the heavy blue diagonal lines outside the center squares?

You could stop there, keep it as a diamond-shaped design or tilt it to a square, and you would have a box top. Squared, it is 3 3/4".

4. Notice the third square (there's the inner most, then the next and then a third. You could stop there. Square, 4 3/4".

5. If you want a shaped design, eliminate the outer most corners.

Great use for Stash and color experiments.

I could go on and on, beginning by recombining the elements. If you wish to play, cut up a color photo of the elements and try recombining them in all sorts of ways (this is not my idea, it is an old old design lesson).

Val also sent me her outline which I loved: imagine the fun you could have stitching the outline and making it into a sampler, each 'box' in a matching color, but a different needlepoint stitch.

My Instructions

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color ideas for  Fireworks

Description of Fireworks

The full design for Fireworks is

7 1/2" square on white 18 mesh canvas 12" square.

I used Watercolours, three colors of Pepper Pot, Kreinik braid and ribbon and a stranded silk.

Any threads approximating the weight of my threads would work well and the design could well prove a good Stash Reducer.

The instructions are 17 pages long, plus 3 Oversize Graphs, a title page and a color photo of my finished Fireworks. The instructions include Val's colors.

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