Stars and Stripes Cap and Mittens

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Description Stars and Stripes Cap and Mittens Ornaments

The cap is approximately 3" wide x 3 1/2" tall;  each mitten is approximately 3 1/4" wide (at its widest) by 3 1/2 " tall.

Each of the three pieces is worked on a piece of white congress cloth 8" x 8". I intended these to be little traveling pieces of Patriotica, easy to pack in a purse.

The threads I used include Soie d'Alger, Impressions and Kreinik braid #8 and the stitches are basic needlepoint composites.

The kit includes two instructions booklets, one for the cap, one for the mittens (yes, I included mirror image graphs for the second mitten), one color copy, three little packages of threads and three pieces of white congress cloth. The cost of the kit includes shipping.

Together the two instructions booklets are 18 pages long, plus two title pages and one color copy. The booklets do not include instructions or supplies for finishing as I sent mine out to a professional finisher.

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Stars and Stripes Cap and Mittens Ornaments

I made the cap and mitten ornaments with the fanciful notion that I would put them on the four Presidents at Mount Rushmore. You will see how the caps would look on the presidents in the photo.

Quiz Time

Can you name the four presidents on Mount Rushmore without looking them up?

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