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Carolyn's sunday Treat  1C

Please know I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business,

except that I buy too much from her.

I simply love the tools and am happy she shares them with all of us.

From Carolyn

Special Ivory Sewing Case with Silver Gilt Tools

Only 1 Antique Ivory Sewing Case with Silver Gilt Tools,

Price including Shipping and Insurance is

$488.00. To pay by PayPal click on the button:

Direct any questions to Carolyn Meacham,

Detailed Photos of the Sewing Case



Antique Ivory Cased Silver Gilt Sewing Etui

French * Circa 1860

My Comments:  What a beautiful set of needlework tools. Wouldn't this make a wonderul early Christmas present?

If you decide 'yes!' I recommend this: when it arrives, don't open it. Tuck it away and then put it under the Christmas tree.

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Gone in 2 min. Not surprised

it is beautiful and in great condition