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My portrait of Eleanor

Of Aquitaine

Complete kit: instructions, canvas, threads and beads,

$338.00 includes shipping and insurance.


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Eleanor's Heart

Complete kit: instructions, canvas, threads and beads.

$83.00 includes shipping and insurance

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My History with Eleanor of Aquitaine

For years I didn't say anything about a favorite Queen, but now I will admit to having one: my personal favorite is Eleanor, for a couple of reasons.

Most important reason: there is no portrait of Eleanor of Aquitaine, so my Eleanor belonged to me. I could make her into whatever fantasy I wished.  I got to choose whatever I wished, and I did.

Another reason: Eleanor's face is the prettiest I have ever made. If you look it is ever so slightly off kilter and this helps  It doesn't take long to learn in design that the slightly off gives an added bit of character. Whatever, her face is my favorite.

I made her in memory of a friend I greatly miss. In my last conversation with my friend, she asked me to continue making queens, pretty ones loaded with jewels. So in her memory, I did just that. I still miss you, Judy.

DH reinforced a history lesson that I learned in writing on my collection of needlework tools: there are things in history that we will never know and we just have to accept it. Eleanor is one of those Mysteries.  We will never know what Eleanor really looked like. In some ways it is sad we won't know, in other ways very freeing. I got to do whatever I wished.

My Eleanor of Aquitaine, A Description

My portrait of Eleanor is approximately 6 1/2" x 9 1/4" on soft ivory (color) congress cloth. Stitched primarily in Soie d'Alger silk and Kreinik braid, the design densely covers the canvas, often in two layers. It is not a painted canvas, it is counted needlepoint.

The size of the congress cloth is 14 1/2" tall x 12 1/2" wide. The extra 1/2" is so you can turn under the edges of the congress cloth 1/4" and hem them if you wish. If you prefer to use tape, you can trim the excess.

The level is Intermediate; an advanced beginner can do the design if she counts well and takes it slowly stitch by stitch. The kit includes a doodle canvas and a hearty recommendation that you try a technique that may puzzle you on it first.

The Kit

The kit includes instructions, soft ivory (color)  congress cloth,  and all threads and beads: everything you need to make Eleanor except stretcher bars and needles.

The instructions are 50 pages long with 13 Oversize Graphs all in color, a Dear Needlefriend Letter, a color appendix, 11 x17 and 8.5 x11 color copies. The small beads are all in baggies numbered so there is no sorting and guesswork.

Eleanor's Heart

If Eleanor tempts you but you think it too big an undertaking, Eleanor's Heart affords you the opportunity to stitch a bit of Eleanor but it won't take forever.

If you would like to take on the challenge of Eleanor, the heart is a good warmup. It will introduce you to the threads and beads and some of the stitches that dominate Eleanor.

Eleanor's Heart Kit includes instructions, a color copy of the heart, 8" x 8" soft ivory congress cloth and all threads and beads. The kit does not include finishing materials or instructions. I sent my heart to a professional finisher .



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