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My Comments: How pretty are these scissors, now 120 years old and still in such good condition. Of course if they were mine, I would add a pretty fob and make a sewing case for them.

Antique needlework Tools

From Carolyn


Only one of each; scroll quickly and click on the PayPal button beside the tool you choose.

This year your order goes straight to Carolyn herself and she will fill the order.

Direct any questions to Carolyn Meacham,

My Comments: I have a passion for these pincushions and DH makes fun of the number I have. It is partly the age -- just think, now over 200 years old, elegant in its simplicity then and 200 years later,  and still in wonderful condition, treasured through the generations. And an added bonus if you are a Pride and Prejudice fan: these pincushions were from Jane Austen's era.

My Comments: As I have stitched more and moreAmericana, I have turned my collecting attention to American tools and here is a pretty American stiletto just waiting to be converted to a laying tool.  We modern stitchers have been clever in repurposing stilettos from the past into today's elegant laying tools.

My Comments: French needlework tools are so often delicate and finely worked in their presentation and this small silver needle case is true to its fashion: a most delicate design and in beautiful condition for its 120 years age.

My Comments: I have spent so much of my life with American Silver Thimbles and here is a nice little fluted design made by Simons, one of our most noted thimblemakers. More of my Americana passion.

My Comments: The English and their weather, long an unending topic of conversation. All that rain, small wonder that little umbrella needlecases are so popular there. This is a nice little example for a good price.

My Comments: I love these little handmade needlebooks from embroiderers in the past. Look at the shape of this one and the pretty coordinated designs and colors. Doesn't it surprise you that the condition is so good after all these years. Well loved and cared for.

I have no financial interest in Carolyn's business, except I buy too many of these little tools.  I simply love their company, these little reminders of the stitchers of yesteryear and the tools they used.

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My Comments: Carolyn has a total of six stilettos with a lustrous mother of pearl handles, all waiting to be converted to pretty laying tools. When she told me about them, I asked, what about offering all six? She said OK, so here is one and there are 5 more, just with tiny differences.

Let her choose a pretty one for you.

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