Time Sampler  Feb 2022 Sale

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework


(The Passage of Time)

Complete Kit: Instructions, Threads, canvas, also includes shipping

Price $278.00 – $50.00 deposit

BALANCE DUE = $228.00

To pay, click on the PayPal button below:

February 8,  2022

Our mail is coming through well, I've asked some friends and theirs is going through too, and lately I haven't heard any reports about mail problems,

So today I am posting a PayPal button for you to pay the balance due on your kit and I will mail the kits next week, either on Monday or Tuesday.

February 8,  2022: A Couple of Notes on the Kits

Nearly 17 years have passed since I stitched The Passage of Time and a few of the threads have changed. There is a note in each of your kits about the changes.

I kept the first kit I made so long ago, so I have a reference to what I used originally and I havematched everything as closely as I could to my original kit. All silks are labeled with the original thread number to correspond to the instructions, but I have made some substitutions, for example, one of the yellows has changed so completely that it didn't go with the pattern, so I found another better yellow and labeled it with the original number.

Please note one little treat: All the silks (all 24 of them) are on thread drops. I kitted the original kit that way and so I repeated it this time.

Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the sampler.