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Cranfield House For Sale


for Mystery in St. Tropez Sale

My Georgian House Sampler from long ago, on congress cloth 14" x 17"

For Sale: the Instructions 64 pages long plus 5 oversize graphs (11" x 17"), a title page and an 11 x 17 color copy of my finished sampler.  

My World of Needlework

I have moved Mystery in St. Tropez Sale onto its own page for a while longer.

If you are a new customer and you have just ordered Mystery in St. Tropez...

Please read about my instructions and the reason I package them the way I do.

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Cathe Ray has a kit of the threads available.

Cranfield House Description

Symmetry and all, I have loved Georgian architecture and after visiting a nearly perfect little Georgian house one summer in England,  I decided to design my own.  The design is from many years ago.

The sale is for the instructions only. They are 64 handwritten pages long with 5 oversize graphs (11" x 17") a title page and a large color copy of my sampler (11" x 17").

Cathe Ray, Needle in a Haystack has put together a kit of the threads I used and a selection of different ground fabrics.  Although I prefer congress cloth, the sampler would work easily on a linen ground with some body. A nice compromise and a beautiful fabric is linen congress cloth.

Outside U.S.  please use

Cranfield House Instructions

(no threads, no fabric)

Price $48.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

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for link to Cathe Ray

Threads and ground fabric selecion

I'm jumping the gun by a day: Sale starts today.