CAMEO FACEs, Lessons 2 and 3

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Tidbits on Cameos

2. March 24, 2022

Can't find someone to love among my cameos? Here are solutions:

Go in search of one on the internet.

Try eBay, Etsy and

type in 'cameo' or 'shell cameo' or 'antique shell cameo'

and a world of cameos will open up for you.

Don't look at price (often too high), don't look at the description (often very wrong), just look at the cameo -- look at her face, her hair, her poisition on the shell, etc. Keep looking until you find somebody you can love.

Take a screen shot of her and use her as your guide through the lessons. If you wish for comments from me and others, post her in my Facebook 'Gay Ann Rogers Stitchalong Room'

(link is above)

1. March 23, 2022

I learned from the best cameo dealer about shopping for cameos. He had the most beautiful cameos and he taught me, only ever buy a cameo I love. She must speak to me, as she will always be a friend and companion.  He was right then and still is now.

Whenever I have a difficult day ahead, I put on a cameo. She stays with me all day long and at the end of the day I thank her for traveling around with me and helping me through the day.

So in the early stages of this exercise I want you to identify what you love. Very important!

Can't find one of my cameos you absolutely love?

Troll on eBay and on Etsy for shell cameos and find somebody who melts your heart. You don't have to buy her (nice cameos can be very expensive -- that said, some of my favorites are only a few dollars), just find her and take a screen shot of her and save the screen shot.

If you keep going back to her, over and over again, that's OK. If you want to buy a bit of friendship, that's OK too.

Part 1 of this exercise is to learn what you love and why.

In Part 2, we will try to parse your love, and see if it helps you learn about FACES.

FACES Assignment #2  March 23, 2022

Do this assignment only after you have chosen your favorite and least favorite.

2-A   AFTER you have chosen your favorite cameo, and  you've gone away for a while and come back again and confirmed your choice, answer these questions:

How well do you like her? Do you love her? Does she melt your heart and you would like to carry her away with you? Or do you just like her the best of these cameos?

See if you can spend some time looking at your choice and describe why you like her.

Could you find another that you liked more?  If so, what do you think would make you love her more?

If you wish to post your choice and some of your reasons, please do so on my Gay Ann Rogers Stitchalong Room on Facebook.

2-B    NOW answer this: why your least favorite. Again, remember there are no right or wrong answers and no grades. Tell me what is wrong that makes this cameo your least favorite.

In this exercise, here is something important: the one you just love may be somebody else's least favorite. That's life, that's beauty. What is important is to think what you like, think what you love, and learn to realize what it is that makes a bit of love.

FACES Assignment #3   March 24, 2022

Do this assignment only after you have chosen your favorite and least favorite.

3-A  Can you describe to me why you love your favorite?

Try to write why before you do the next steps.

3-B  Can you describe to me why you don't like your least favorite?

3-C  Take a screen shot of each cameo,  enlarge the size of each, print them and place them side by side.

3-D  Let's parse the two:

look at the height of the forehead

look at the chin line

look at the eye and where it is in relation to the top of the forehead

look at the nose and where it is in relation to the eye

and look at the mouth in relation to the eye, the chin and nose.

Do this for each of the cameos, your favorite and your least favorite.

Do you see any differences?

On a piece of paper list the differences.

Tomorrow I will ask you some more questions and ask you to add to your answers to the list.

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