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Sales of Kits and Patterns

Updated October,  2020


Updates: E-Week, my big fall sale,  began on Thursday, October 15

E-Week's Surprise Windows opened  Saturday October 17 a

The sale is closed now.

Carolyn will have a Christmas Special, hopefully offering more stilettos and thimbles and other goodies.

Otherwise, I will have no more sales until the pandemic is over.  

Selling My Kits and Patterns

I only sell kits and patterns at certain times during the year.

You can find out about my sales by signing up for my Newsletter:

click on the button above and email me.

Will your email inbox be flooded with Newsletters?

No, I send out a Newsletter a few days before a sale and another sometime during the sale. That's it.

Requesting Old Patterns

If you wish to request an old design of mine, please email me with your request. I will do my best to bring back your requests in future sale.

Queendom Website’s Own Jargon


MacSoph is my trusty little Apple MacBook computer.

Back in the late 1980’s DH and I had an SE and an English friend named that computer ‘Sophie Enchilada’ a bit of ridiculousness that stuck and our computers have been ‘Soph’ ever since


DH is my 'Dear Husband' who helps me with Mail Jail. He does some of my bookkeeping and he and I drive together to the post office because of parking.

The main thing to know about DH in connection with Queendom Website is the concept of ‘First Thing in the Morning’.

First Thing in the Morning means just that to me: it is the first thing I do in the morning.

DH has a different concept: First Thing in the Morning can often mean before 4:00 in the afternoon. DH isn’t a morning person.

This arises in connection with ‘Mailing Packages First Thing in the Morning’.

How Queendom Website Got its Name

Not long after MacSoph and I started our website, a friend said to me, your website is just like your own little private kingdom.

I replied, “yes, but not a kingdom, it’s a Queendom and I am Queen.”

And that’s why I usually have an abundant number of crowns and Things Royal on Queendom Website.


E-Week is my big once-a-year sale usually in mid-October. I have other sales during the year but E-Week is my extravaganza.

E-Week is named after Merchandise Night at seminars. Merchandise Night at seminars is an evening when teachers and other vendors sell their wares for 2 hours or so. Now I have E-Merchandise Week, shortened along the years to 'E-Week'.

Surprise Windows

During E-Week, Early Morning Surprise Windows happen on Saturday morning at 8:00 sharp California Time.

Surprise Windows have special items, often limited in number, for a short period of time. If I do say so, they are a special part of E-Week and they are great fun!

Mail Jail

Mail Jail is the shipping division of my little business and it is the main reason I don’t have things for sale on Queendom Website all the time.

Kit Hell

Every needlework teacher knows about Kit Hell. That’s the time before a class when you do nothing but order supplies and then divide them up into kits.

Even though I am retired from travel-teaching, I still have a bit of Kit Hell in my life.

Bead Mania

If you have ever spilled 10,000 seed beads, you will know about Bead Mania.

This is all the Queendom Website Jargon I can think of right now. If I think of more of it, I will post it here.

Queendom Website's Production Team

Queendom Website's staff includes:

Queen (me),

Queen Consort (DH) who helps with bookkeeping and is an occasional staff writer (when I can talk him into it).

and Queendom Website's Faithful Subject, MacSoph (my trusty little MacBook computer).

To Sign up for my Newsletter,

Click here and email me

July 9, 2019 Tuesday

The First Day of My New Website

You will find a different look, but in reality much the same website as before:

Home Page, News&Views, For Sale, Gallery, Lessons, For Groups and My Book Shelf.

A week ago I started over again on new software. I had planned to spend all of July and August and then I would move toward the end of August.

Life had different plans: I woke up on July 7 and started work. My computer went all wonky from new downloads and when the dust finally cleared, I could no longer publish my existing website.

Immediately I called Apple and a sweet young thing told me 'sorry, no longer possible.' I won't go into the details, but it is finished.

I moved my domain name, and it now opens this site. From now on, this is the only website I will be able to update: I can no longer do anything with my other sites.

This move at this time was totally unexpected, so my website is barely started. I hope you will stay with me and watch as it grows. Eventually everything will be here.

If you have any suggestions for me, do write to me

October 22, 2020 Thursday

A reminder: please read All About Mail Jail in my  October 20 post. Scroll down to find it.

Some of you will soon have your Betsys plus other patterns and kits in the combinations you ordered. As I ran out of the paperwork for Betsy, I also packed a bunch of orders for only four Anthem Hearts (ie not in combination with any other kits and patterns.

The next shipment will go to the post office on Thursday, October 29. This week I will continue to work on orders for Betsys, single and in combination with other patterns and kits.

Secondarily, I will work on orders for Sewing Cases and Anthem Hearts.

I have noticed that my inbox is not full of emails asking 'where's my order.' Thank you! Without a sea of emails to answer, my days after the close of my sale were very productive.

Please note above: if your order did not include a Betsy and four Anthem Hearts, I did not mail it yesterday.

Please note: in the coming week I will work on Betsys and orders for Sewing Cases and Anthem Hearts. So if your order does NOT include one of these, then I will not mail it this week. If I make exceptions for one reason or another, I will post my exception here.

Please note: while I will likely mail a good number of Betsys and Sewing Cases and Anthem Hearts on October 29th, I do not think I will finish mailing all Betsy or Sewing Cases or Anthem Hearts.

Please do not be alarmed or worried about your order. I am doing well, but it is a daunting job for a single quarantined person and it is going to take me a long time.

October 22, 2020 Thursday

Please read All About Mail Jail in my  October 20 post. Scroll down to find it.

Today the first packages for EWeek 2020 go to the post office. For those of you whose packages go out today, you should receive tracking information from the post office.

My print shop is, like so many small businesses in today's world working with a reduced staff, so production of the paperwork is a bit slower than normal. That said, they are doing yeoman's duty. They do the printing and collating and when necessary the shrinkwrapping.

I began packing Betsys with a healthy number of copies of the paperwork, but today I will run out of copies and I will have to wait for more.

While I'm waiting for more Betsys I will transition to packing Anthem Hearts. I will pack them and whatever else I have copies of while I wait for more Betsys.

I will keep to the order I laid out insofar as I can, and I will also try to follow the order in which I received your invoices, but much of it will depend on when I receive the paperwork.

October 21, 2020 Wednesday

If you didn't read this yesterday, please read today

All About Mail Jail, October 20

I have started the long process of packing. For the most part I am waiting for copies from the print shop, but I have some Betsys, some Sewing Cases, some Fireworks, some Cap and Mittens.

Yesterday and today I am packing Betsys and Sewing Cases plus Fireworks and/or Cap and Mittens. For the most part I will ship these on this Thursday.

Today the print shop has promised some of the other patterns; by next week I should have more. As soon as I have them, I will pack more Betsys in combination with the other patterns and send them off next Thursday.

For me (operative words here are 'for me') I am quite organized. It is a daunting task, my huge sale, but as of Day One in Mail Jail things are going surprisingly well.

Even DH told he is impressed with my organization this time. For those of you who have followed me for some time, you will know that organization is not my strong suit.

As I often tell Judy Anderson and other accountants out there:  in my next life I am coming back as an accountant. DH and I once had lunch with our accountants and I asked them, 'what do you do when you lose something important like somebody's files.' Puzzled, they looked at each other and said 'lose something? When was the last time we lost something?'

Imagine lives so organized you can't remember losing anything. Amazing, and at the top of the list for me in my next life.

October 20, 2020 Tuesday

All About Mail Jail: PLEASE READ!

EWeek 2020 has closed and once again I would like to thank you for coming to my sale.

This EWeek was an experiment on my part: I wanted tto see if I could hold a sale where I actually kept the sale open for the whole time, ie I didn't say 'Sold Out' and shut the sale down after 6 hours, or a day or even two days. To help me deal with the extra patterns and kits this might mean, I extended my shipping time to two months and perhaps three.

Shipping during the pandemic presents some very big challenges, but I should be able to do it. I did it in July, admittedly a smaller sale, but with patience on your part and on my own as well, I should be able to do it.

I will mail packages each Thursday or Friday, depending on when Peter is free to ferry them to the post office. Peter shops for DH and me and he will take all my packages to the post office.

I have divided my sale into three parts and I plan to ship orders as follows:

(1) All orders that include Betsy Ross on her own or combined with other patterns, including those from Surprise Windows. (I am starting with Betsy Ross because we have a Stitchalong Class at Shining Needle Society.)

(2) All orders that include an Anthem heart, on its own or combined with other patterns, including those from the Surprise Windows.

(3) All orders from the General Sale: Betsy's Sewing Case, Cap and Mittens, Fireworks, each on its own or combined with patterns from the Surprise Windows.

(4) All orders only from the Surprise Windows (Orders that do not include a pattern from the General Sale.

I ask you please not to email me wondering where your order is. It's not that I mind answering, but it takes time away from my packing. Instead, consult this column: I will  post my progress in general here.

Important: there will come a time when I will post here and ask you to write to me if you have not heard from me, but it won't happen for a while.

How long will this take me? I have set up Mail Jail in Waves. I hope to mail the First Wave before or on November 19, the Second Wave before or on December 19, and if necessary a Third Wave before or on January 19.

Yes, I will make mistakes along the way. I try to be perfect but so far I've never pulled it off. Mistakes, yes, but to my knowledge, in my 12 years of Queendom Website, I don't think there has been a time I haven't fixed my mistakes. I will fix any I make on your kits, but it will just take time.

It is a daunting job and people kindly ask me what they can do to help me. There are two things:

(1) Don't write me emails asking 'Where's my stuff' until I ask you to.

(2) Check your packages as they arrive and report any mistakes.

Can I do this? I think so. With time and patience on all our parts.

October 19, 2020 Monday

The last day of EWeek is here. I will leave it open until this evening, and then I will close it down for another year.

As I look ahead to Mail Jail, I hope you will read my guidelines for shipping everything. I have had an enormous sale; I will be able to do it, but it will take me a lot of time. So patience is the order of the day.

As I said, please read my shipping guidelines. After today I will post them in the sidebar. After today I will post about my progress. Because we will have a stitchalong group for Betsy, I plan to begin shipping orders for her.

More about Mail Jail tomorrow; for today enjoy the final day for EWeek 2020.

Thank you so much for coming, and thank you for your nice notes, particularly about Betsy. I had a great time making her. I had a great time making all my Patriotica.

So what's next? My Russian Snow Maiden with her curly yellow hair and all that Turkey work! But just for amusement too, two more hearts: Route 66  and also Burma Shave. I will keep making Travel Around America Hearts, but first these two so we have a mode of transportation: my old Buick, and a way to amuse the kids, Burma Shave signs. Then we will be set to go.

Oh, and one more thing: maybe another Dowager geometric: Downton Abbey in the Evening. Maybe.

As I say good bye to EWeek 2020, I say a hearty thank you to all of you who came. I hope you enjoyed it, and for those of you still lingering, happy last-minute shopping. You nave about 11 hours more.  :-)


Mail Jail Schedule for EWeek 2020

This year, in a large part because of the pandemic, I am doing my own shipping.

I am planning the following schedule: I plan to ship packages in Waves.

Wave ONE shipping will be before or on November 19;  

Wave TWO shipping will be before or on December 19.

If I need more time, I will extend shipping to Wave THREE: before or on January 19.  

Please know that I will work as fast as I can and chances are good I will finish sooner than later, but in case I need the time, I will take it.  

My plan is to ship packages each Thursday or Friday until I finish. As I print your shipping labels, you should receive a tracking number from the post office.

In these early stages, please don't write to me, it just takes time away from my work. There will come a time when I will ask you to write to me, please wait to do so until then. Thanks!


to see the 9 Surprise Windows.

No more shopping but you can use the  link to check your packages as they arrive

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