My Finance Program

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

MyFinance Program

Called 'Paying on the Drip'

My Finance Plan called 'Paying on the Drip'

Would you like help with Financing?

Here's how to Pay on the Drip

If you are interested in my novel financing plan, here's how it works.

Price for All Four Hearts $243.00 including shipping.

You will make an initial non-refundable PayPal payment of $43.00.

To make this payment, click on the PayPal button below:

In addition send me 5 postdated checks for $40.00 each.  

Gay Ann Rogers

915 Havenhurst Dr.

La Jolla CA 92037-6802

Date these five checks as follows:

August 1 2020, September 1 2020, October 1 2020, November 1 2020, December 1 2020

Envelope with these checks must be postmarked by July 28, 2020. If they are not postmarked by this date, the agreement is void, the $43.00 deposit is

My Sad Story

I have revised Drip to include a non-refundable deposit because so many people asked for Drip invoices last October  but never followed through with the sales and a month after my sale closed, I had a stack of kits left. The sad part was that I had turned down other people who wanted them. Sad for me, sadder for the people who really wanted them.


To make Drip work, I need the help of all of you. PLEASE don't sign up for my Drip if you look ahead and question whether you can really afford to make the payments. Please save us all a lot of time and grief.

. Questions

Please email me any questions:


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