Practice  for Surprise Windows Oct. 19

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Surprise Window Practice!

What are Surprise Windows?

They are a special feature of E-Week each year. On Saturday Morning, MacSoph and I will open the first window at 8:00 a.m. California time on October 19 and behind the window will be special goodies. The second window will open at 8:15 a.m., the third at 8:30 a.m. and so forth.

What is behind the Surprise Windows?

Goodies! Some are rare, one of a kind, some are limited, some are unlimited.

Practicing Your Surprise Window Skills

On the left are two Surprise Windows. Click on #1 first and see what happens.

Then return here and Click on #2 next to see what happens.

How will you know when a Window is open?

You have to keep refreshing your computer at the appointed time (8:00, 8:15 etc.).

For a description of refreshing your computer, look on the left.

You will find Surprise Window #9 on Saturday. It is a tradition that in my last Surprise Window each year, I tell you about the upcoming year.

I hope you will stop by and read about the year MacSoph and I have planned.

AND this year, there is something for sale, an old kit that will help kickstart our year on Queendom Website

Refreshing Your Computer

How do you 'refresh your computer'?

Put your cursor up in the little window that says

click so your cursor is flashing up there.

Then hit your 'return' button and your computer will reload the page.

That's what refreshing is.


Window #1

Click here and see what happens



Window #2

Click here and see what happens


Window #9

Click here for a short preview of Window #9

Surprise Window Strategy

1. If you open a window and see something you would like, email me as quickly as you make your choices! I take the emails in the order they arrive in my inbox. This can be very fast indeed!

2. If you want two items, you may include them in one email to me. Make sure you say 'I want both'

3. If you have choices, list your choices as 1. 2. or 3. I will give you whichever is highest on your list.

4. I will email you fast as I can. If you are the first, I will let you know fast as I can but will settle with you later in the afternoon.