Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Christmas 2021 Whitework

Eleventh Day of Chrismtas

Whitework collar with Rose, Thistles and Shamrocks

Eleventh Day: a Whitework Collar

Look what is on the collar

For my 11th day of Christmas here is a whitework collar with a thistle, a rose and lots of small shamrocks. It is beautifully embroidered on a nearly transparent linen.

I have made so many Tudor Roses, the latest on a small square design I sold in my last fall sale.

Now it is time to make a sampler with thistles, roses and shamrocks, with maybe a castle, a lake and some swans swimming in the lake. So far only ideas but certainly inspired by my small collection of linens and lace with thistles, roses and shamrocks.  

All these little designs with thistles, roses and shamrocks inspire me and make my fingers twitch to start.

Would I make the rose like the whitework rose? Probably more like the Tudor Rose.

Would I make the sampler all in white? I don't think so, I would probably use colors.

I don't know. So far just an inspiration. I would have to start and then I would make the decisions.

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