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Christmas 2021 Victoria Fob

Ninth Day of Christmas

Four little pincushions with black etched designs dying

to become blackwork on a sampler.

The 5th Day: MY Favorite SCISSORS FOB

Today, my favorite scissors fob, in part because I made it, mostly because of the coin at the end of the fob.  When did I make it? About 5 years ago when I was mired in Queend Victoria. Scroll down for more of the story.

A Few Words about my Portrait of Queen Victoria

People have asked me  forever which queen is my favorite. I don't have a favorite, only favorite details: I think Eleanor's face is the prettiest I've ever stitched, but it wasn't the most difficult. The most difficult and will remain so forever is this one: How could I possibly make a face in 30+ stitches wide that looked faintly like Queen Victoria and was very pretty, all rolled into one.

Face came together about my 9th try. Also difficult, as all wedding photographers know: a brunette in a while dress. I had to get the background color just right so that it wouldn't bury Victoria's hiar, nor would it drown her dress. And my third challenge: the red in the Garter Collar.

When I had stitched Queen Victoria I went shopping for accessories I could incorporate into a sewing box for Queen Victoria, and I dabbled in coins with the idea of making them into fobs. The trick is finding them with holes which ruins the value of the coin but makes it much more useful.

If DH and I had to name our favorite television program it would likely be 'The Jewel in the Crown' lately remastered.

For those of you who remember the program from nearly 40 years ago, 'the jewel in Queen Victoria's crown' was India.

What do you know, I found a half-Rupee coin with a hole, bought it and incorporated it into my little fob, along with a small pair of scissors slightly older, but not by a lot.

I have often wondered if I should suspend it from the Victoria scissors below, but I love the way it looks on the small scissors above.

Victoria Accessories I stitched

Above: a box top, needlebook and Scissors case I made to go with Victoria.

Above: Three Victoria thimbles.

Left: thistle, roses and shamrocks

Center: Queen Victoria and Albert Wedding Portrait

Right: Victoria Jubilee thimble.  All three are silver.

On the front of the coin, Queen Victoria, on the back 'Half Rupee, India, 1862.'

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