Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Christmas 2021 CROWNS

Ninth Day of Christmas

Four little pincushions with black etched designs dying

to become blackwork on a sampler.

The 6th Day: CROWNS

I have collected needlework tools with crowns and if you scroll down, you will see that I have stitched all sorts of crowns. Crowns have been a part of my website as well.

Left: an abstract ivory and silk crown,

Right an ivory tape measure in the shape of a crown.

On right: two ivory needlecases with crowns at both ends and two very elaborate stilettos with crowns on the top

Below: Crowns I have stitched.

Do I have a Crown Obsession?

Not really, I just got involved in stitching queens for a lot of years and along with the queens I stitched their crowns.

I do like the idea of having a crown and I put one on my logo and here's the story.

On the left is my website logo.

I have posted my story almost since Day One of my website all those years ago. A friend said to me, Gay Ann, your website is like your own personal little Kingdom.

I replied 'no, it's not a Kingdom, it's a Queedom' and my website's name ever since has been 'Queendom Website.' I am Queen of Queendom Website and my own personal crown tops my logo.

Will I stitch more Crowns? No more queens, I'm finished with them, so no more crowns for them. Personally, I've done the crown thing, or so I thought until about 6 months ago. There is one more crown for me to stitch -- actually not a crown but a coronet in whitework on pale blue congress cloth. The idea for it came from Zeena who wrote to me: 'Counting every Counted Thread put a Crown upon my Head.' Thanks, Zeena!

50 years I've counted threads and dabbled in the needlework business. I have earned a title: I plan to make a fancy monogram, Coronet and all,  like you might find on a mid-19th century handkerchief for The Countess of Counting.

Am I the only Countess of Counting? Heavens no, if others want to come along for the ride, that would be super.

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