Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

Christmas 2021 Appenzell

Ninth Day of Christmas

Four little pincushions with black etched designs dying

to become blackwork on a sampler.

The 7th Day: A Handkerchief Case

I saw this and it was love! Scroll down for its story.

Appenzell Handkerchief Case

A dealer with an unusual collection showed this to me. It is Appenzell embroidery from Switzerland, a handkerchief case embroidered on an nearly transparent fabric.  The quality of the needlework is superb, as is the Appenzell reputation.

The case came from part of a very large collection that had come to the U.S. during World War II and had been in storage here for years, as the story goes, until the last descendent had died.  Is this true? The collection was large and the story is good one, who knows.

Whatever, I loved her at first sight and I have loved her ever since.

The style, the interpretation of a lady from a different age than the 1920's (look at her hair and dress) but with an unmistakable overlay of 1920's influence. Just the sort of thing I love, a great find for a student of style and a fan of the 1920's in all its iterations.

Plans for her?

I am thinking. I have a notion but that is as far as I've gone.

For Gardens with a needle, and to help mw with ideas, I will certainly have a stack of Thomasina Beck's books in front of me.

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