Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework


I have been a collector forever. I came by it naturally,  DH says, as my mother and both of my grandmothers were collectors.

I decided to make a section on Queendom Website to write about some of my favorites.

This is a Directory page. To learn more about anything, click on a photo and you will travel to see more about it.

All About My Favorite Possession

This little box, well worn, is hands down my favorite possession.

In the next few mornings let's talk about love.

Coming Soon: wallowing in Thimbles

I made American Silver Thimbles Sampler in honor of all the American Thimbles I have collected and written about. Soon I will post them and the samplers, my Thimbles Book and the stories

Click here for More about My Little Box

A Companion for my Black Box

My early records show that about a year after DH brought home the little Black Box, a dealer friend found the little Red Box and the two have lived on the top of a book case ever since. Hard to believe I've had them for over 40 years.  

A 'normal' needlework box (if there is such a thing) is about 12" to 14" wide. My little Black Box is 7 1/2" wide, the Red Box is 8" wide.

What I always notice about my two: the little black one is so simple in comparison to the red one. I have always dated the little black box as 1800-1810 and the little red one about 1820-1830. As I've always said about dates, we never know for certain, it is always a guess.