Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

A Victoriana Story

Gay Ann Rogers  Needlework

A Victoriana Story

My story begins with my portrait of Queen Victoria as a Royal Bride and expands to include antique needlework tools, lace and the story of a small sampler.

Chapter 1: My Portrait of Queen Victoria

To read Chapter 1 click on the photo above of Queen Victoria.

Chapter 2: A Pair of Scissors

To read Chapter 3 click on the photo above of Carolyn's Scissors.

Chapter 3: A Collection of Needlework Tools Commemorating Queen Victoria, and Let's Not Forget Prince Albert

For larger photos and identifcations,  click on the photo above.

Chapter 4: A small sampler depicting a king's crown, and coronets for a duke, marquis, earl, viscount and baron, stitched by Sarah Radburn 20 years into Queen Victoria's reign.

To read Chapter 6 click on the photo of the Sampler..

Chapter 5: Sarah's Sampler Adapation while it is close to the way Sarah Stitched her sampler 162 years ago,  it is not a reproduction. For a comparison of the original and my adaptation, along with notes about my decisions, click on the little sampler above.