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Collecting Victoria Commemorative Sewing Tools

Chapter 3

Here are some favorite tools relating to Queen Victoria. I have had most of them for a long long time. With the addition of Carolyn's Scissors (previous Chapter) these little tools became an important part of my Victoria journey.

Will you find any of these today? With a bit of luck, sure.

That's the thing about collecting, you just never know what will turn up.

I confess, I've only seen the Victoria and Albert Wedding Thimble for sale once, and I bought it.

But any number of times I have seen the Victoria Jubilee Thimble (scroll down) several times. Here's the nice part: in recent years many thimbles have tumbled in price and this Jubilee thimble occasionally shows up at more reasonable prices.

I bought the little Wedgwood thimble of Victoria on eBay for about $9.00 a couple of years ago.

Above: Two beautifully worked silver basket pincushions with thistles, shamrocks and roses. Why do I have two? I forgot I had one and bought another. They're both wonderful so I kept them.

They were each likely from a boxed set of thimble, scissors, etc. commemorating Victoria's coronation or wedding.

Victoria and Albert Wedding Tape Measure, silver

Above: portraits of both Victoria and Albert, with roses, shamrocks and thistles on the back.

Red silk tape measure reels out of the back. 1 1/8th" tall.

Once part of a box with thimble, scissors etc., each commemorating Victoria's wedding.

Above: Chatelaine hook with scissors in suspended sheath. Made for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897. A portrait of Victoria is on the head of the chatelaine, along with 'Honi soit qui mal y pense"

and 'Victoria Regina" and "1837-1897. Brass.

Above: coach tape measure, likely made for one of Victoria's jubilees

The tape reels out of the backside and is blue cotton;

the top of the coach twists and reels it back in. Coach is 3" wide, gilded brass.

Victoria and Albert Wedding Thimble, silver,with a portrait of Victoria and Albert in profile.

Around the portraits, the lettering, 'Victoria and Albert.'

Turn the thimble and there are roses, shamrocks and thistle.  

Above:  let's not forget about Prince Albert, Victoria's consort: upper right a gilted pin keep and tape measure with a profile of Albert.

Upper far right: glass covered print of Prince Albert, a memorial tape measure

Lower right: A brass crochet case holding a bone handle and 6 crochet hooks of different sizes. The case portrays The Exhibition of All Nations, 1851.

Three Victoria Thimbles

On left: commemorating her coronation,

Center: commemorating her 1897 jubilee.

Right: by Wedgwood

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On the left: crochet hook in brass case to commemorate Queen Victoria's 1887 jubilee.

Notice the crown at the top and a portrait of Victoria on the slider.

Written on the case:

Victoria, born 1819, crowned 1838, married 1840, jubliee 1887 along the sides of the case.  The slider with the portrait of Victoria slides the hook in and out of the case.