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January 29, 2015




My World of Needlework


Needlework Tools of Interest


Let's while away the rest of January surfing Carolyn's auctions. Another few days following needlework tools

Above is a map showing how far MacSoph and I travel: it shows the locations around the world from which people have visited Queendom Website.




Needlework Tools from Carolyn Meacham:

Monday night's auctions for February 2, 2015


To see the listings, click on the photos of any of the tools.


Here is a crochet hook from about the 3rd quarter of the 19th century that works much like a tambour hook. This would be a nice addition to any sewing case; let's see how the auction proceeds.


January 30:  So far $30.00, 7 bids.

For anybody with a Cameo Blue Sewing Box, this little mother of pearl pincushion would be a perfect addition!


January 30:  So far $26.00, 6 bids.

Lately Carolyn has sold several royal commemorative thimbles. Here's a stiletto with Prince of Wales Feathers.


January 30:  So far $34.10, 4 bids.

What a wonderful little pencil, a good addition to any sewing box!


January 30:  So far $19.50, 3 bids.

Here is the thimble I would chase after this week, with an approximate date of 1690, less than a century younger than Elizabeth.


January 30:  So far $102.50, 5 bids.

What elegant scissors with gold handles, of an age tool that I particularly love.


January 30:  So far $250.00, 12 bids.