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April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday


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Above is a map showing how far MacSoph and I travel: it shows the locations around the world from which people have visited Queendom Website.

 Spring Cleaning




My World of Needlework Travel Journal MacSoph and I hope you will keep track of our trip by writing in a journal. At various times along the way you will be able to download pages to add to your journal, and here is the first page: Packing List Click on the link on the right and you should be able to download it. Hopefully we will have more luck this time than with my Thank You note last March

All throughout our trip MacSoph and I will add Journal Pages that you can collect and download.


These journal pages will allow you to keep track of your Stitching Progress along the way.


They will help you decide which projects to take along on the trip and then give you a chance to set goals and note accomplishments throughout our journey, and hopefully you will return home again with so much accomplished.


In addition on our trip we will have some design and color lessons and we are hoping these will be downloadable as well.



Our Journal: What you will need


Consider a loose leaf note book and sheet protectors or a hole punch, much the same sort as you use for my instructions.


I know, the first page we offer you should be a title page, and eventually there will be one, but for now it would give too much away.


So for now insert a plain piece of paper and you will replace it eventually.




Click here

to download

Page 1 of our

Travel Journal


First page for Our Travel Journal is a Packing List. It will help you decide what you would like to take, so hurry and download it and start making your lists.



4. MacSoph has this one.

5. I have one like this.

6. I bet Kate will choose this.

7. Natalie likes sunny yellow.


3. My Avatar carries this one.

Travel Journal:

First Page available

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