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Autumn is here and autumn for MacSoph and me means it is time for our annual sale called E-Week.


We are working behind the scenes and we should be ready by October 20.



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September 29, 2016

Off and on since Mid-Summer Sale MacSoph and I have posted my retrospective of the gazillions of hearts I've stitched.


Now I'd like to continue by featuring my latest series.

In the next few mornings, here are my Imperial Jeweled Hearts so far.








The second is Imperial Rubies Heart, again the rubies aren't real but the pearls are and again, the heart is very sparkly.

The third is Imperial Pearls Heart, all with real pearls and some crystals too. Most people have written that this one is their favorite.


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The first is Imperial Emeralds Heart, will all its huge emeralds. Alas, sorry the emeralds aren't real, they're only glass. But the pearls are real and in person the heart is very sparkly.