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 Hiatus didn't work -- we have too many details to monitor, so we are back. Very short hiatus.


We will leave the home page as is for a while and I have Gone Stitching, but we need to update News&Views.


Sorry, MacSoph, we tried.

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The Needlepoint Book, Third Edition

by Jo Ippolito Christensen

Here is the new third edition of Jo Ippolito Chrstensen's classic book, The Needlepoint Book.


I remember when the first edition appeared on the market, with its well-organized clear diagrams of needlepoint's basic stitches.


It was a good addition to needlepoint and was at the time a complete and easy-to-use one-book-reference to survey the field.


The second edition added a considerable amount of information to the first, as it gave us more stitches and more information and it was a better, more comprehensive book. In a sense it grew up with the needlepoint field.


The third edition is larger still, with the addition of all kinds of new information,  illustrations and stitches. It has continued to grow.




Needlepoint has evolved considerably since the first publication of The Needlepoint Book; it has stretched more widely to encompass all kinds of different techniques borrowed from the allied fields of surface embroidery, drawn fabric and thread techniques, gold and metal work and a host of others.


In recent years the trend in needlepoint books has often evolved into very specialized references drawing from these allied fields and adapting them expressly for needlepoint canvas. These specialized books which can be a great font of information for the more advanced student, can often make certain assumptions about the strength of the reader's knowledge of the craft and therefore can be daunting for the novice.


Although The Needlepoint Book is useful for almost anybody doing needlepoint,  it is particularly useful for the beginner-novice and provides a good deal of background for the craft as well as clear and easy-to-follow diagrams of traditional needlepoint stitches. In addition it dabbles in a few of the techniques from the allied needle arts, but its real strength continues to be that of a comprehensive survey of the craft of needlepoint per se. As such I continue to recommend it  heartily as a good basic survey of needlepoint.


Gay Ann



Back again, but still Stitching

Midway through Catherine's Sale, I posted a Purple Catherine.  Here she is again. I pulled the threads and am stitching a little heart to see if indeed the colors will work for Catherine.


I plan to work on the purple heart and then two more.