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Gay Ann Rogers

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Needlework Designer/Teacher


Tomorrow: my sampler that helped launch a chatroom.

Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

Website updated

May 25, 2018


My World of Needlework


Stitching Time


I have set aside my website decisions until June and my plan is to make kits and stitch until July. I will decide then what to do about Queendom Website. I have almost 2 years to make up my mind.


June 1, 2018 Will Be A Very Important Day!

June 1 is the official 10th anniversary of Queendom Website.

In the two weeks leading up to June 1, come along on my trot down

Memory Lane as I recall Queendom Website's earliest days.





Gold and White for My Website


This is the first design I ever sold on my website, an ornament on special 17-count perforated paper

I sold the instructions, the special perforated paper and the white thread. People who bought it added a partial spool of Kreinik braid from their stashes (color didn't matter) and a beaded or ribbon hanger.

I remembered the ornament and it took me a while to find the photograph. I didn't remember any of the particulars but in searching for the photograph I found I had saved the information.


I have a bit of the perforated paper still (I found it too); I'm wondering about stitching it on canvas and maybe offering it at E-Week, just for nostalgia.


Will see how time goes.


Regardless, it was fun to dredge up the memory.



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A Surprise For Me!


As I was trolling this morning through old posts on my Blog I discovered an interesting factoid about time. I had no idea how old Mystery in a Corner was.


Hand in hand, it went with the beginnings of Queendom Website, something I didn't remember at all, and these posts were among the first I made.


Here are three Mystery in a Corner beginnings which I posted 10 years ago, amazing!



10 years old! I had no idea Mystery in a Corner was that old.


I still have Mystery in a Corner for sale on my 'Groups' page and would you believe, I just received two orders for it from groups.



The things one learns in the early a.m.!






Part II  The Very Beginnings of Queendom Website, continued


This wasn't at the very beginning but I would be remiss not to tell this story.


I was one of the last of my needlework-teacher peers to join the computer age, and long after most teachers had been writing instructions on the computer, I was still drawing graphs by hand.


About a year after the beginnings of Queendom Website, the kids at Apple decided PhotoShop would be a good tool for me. NOT the easiest thing I've ever done.


Andy P. at the Apple Store. Andy convinced me to learn Illustrator.

So when my tutor Andy suggested I computerize my instructions by learning Illustrator, I thought, 'NOT again! There must be an easier way. I had heard about needlework teachers using Excel and how easy it was. Re Excel: these were the words I remember the best. Andy: "yeah it is possible but that's not the purpose of Excel. WHY wouldn't you use a program that was designed and written expressly to do the job you want to do?"


In short, he shamed me into it. THE single best computer-time-investment I've ever made. Yes, the learning curve was terrible, but soworth my time! It is my favorite app and I virtually live in it. In short, I never sit down to stitch that I don't get MacSoph to launch it. And each time MacSoph launches it, I say "thanks, Andy, thanks yet again."


To those of you who might be considering it, by all means give it a try. Right now Adobe is NOT on my good list, but Illustrator remains the best app I know.


Part II  The Very Beginnings of Queendom Website


2007 had been an eventful year and the beginning of a shift in my needlework life, but it didn't start to mature until March 2008.


Here's what happened.


At the time I had a iBook computer, a little white one and it was tiny.


One day in March, 2008, my little iBook crashed. DH said we should take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and see if they could fix it.


We walked into the Apple Store that day, and when we walked out, I had Little MacSoph and I had signed up for Apple's One to One lessons.


Little did I know then that the Apple Store would become my home away from home for the better part of 10 years.


I showed up for One to One lessons once a week and gradually, step by step, Queendom Website came to life.


Little MacSoph, the first of my laptops with the task of working on Queendom Website. She came home with me on a sunny day in March, 2008, along with a promise that Apple's One to One program could teach me how to use her.

Me, finishing a lesson with one of my favorite Apple tutors, Cody. Also happened that two familiar faces in the needlework world were there that day also: Cassie Prescott and Jill Rigoli.

Before Queendom Website there was Shining Needle Society

And before Shining Needle Society, there was a group room on Yahoo, to support stitching my Redwork Mystery House.


I was way more industrious in 2007 than I am 11 years later: I stitched my Redwork Mystery House and mailed out a window each month for 8 months. Then we used a room at Yahoo for a support group and by autumn 2007 that room had morphed into Shining Needle Society. I found a post on my blog dated Nov. 11 2007 celebrating that Shining Needle Society had reached 500 people.


The very beginnings of Queendom Website and my love affair with Apple were still 6 months into the future.


Queendom Website's History


Part 1: BEFORE Queendom Website


Laura Zickus had made me a blog and taught me how to post on it.

But I didn't know how to post a photo on the blog.


In my very first act of computer bravery,  I spent the day clicking around my blog trying to figure out how to upload a photo (back then I didn't know what 'upload' meant.)


So I clicked around my blog and by some brave miracle this  photo showed up on my blog -- and I remember thinking, I own my universe!

From My Past: My First E-Week on My Blog.

Here is my blog post at the end of my first E-Week -- 11 years ago.

At that time I never would have guessed  that E-Week 2 would be on a website that I managed.




E-Merchandise Week is Over! Thank you!



Thank you to all of you who made my first E-Merchandise Week quite an experience! I have sold patterns and kits at merchandise nights at seminars for several years but this was a first. It was great fun to e-chat with so many of you! Thank you for all your notes, especially notes of encouragement. Often, when I felt overwhelmed by it all, those notes really helped.


This is a roundabout way of saying I am keeping up fairly well with your orders. I am still waiting for a single thread and the supplier has promised me it will be here soon. Its delayed arrival may hold up a few of your packages and I apologize for the inconvenience. I will write to those of you who are influenced by it. I have high hopes that the rest of the packages will be in the mail a week from now.


So what are you going to do with all of these patterns I am mailing to you? I have an idea.


I have asked Kate Gaunt and Marie-Therese Baker if they will let me keep my Shining Needle Chat Room after my mystery finishes next month. I would like to turn it into E-Studio Time for a while. That way you can all get to work and it will be fun if you share your progress. Please come and join Shining Needle Society by writing to Kate Gaunt (


So what about a second E-Merchandise Week? When will it be? Jane Zimmerman told me that Brigadoon returns every hundred years. I told her it dates us both that we even know about Brigadoon! I hope it will be sometime before a hundred years from now. How about thinking about it a year from now. If any of you have reflections or suggestions for me, please write to me, or post them here on my blog.


Meanwhile, I say goodbye to E-Merchandise Week with a photo of one of the most recent additions to my heart collection, Santa's Heart. I have to chuckle: remember the days when Christmas didn't go up in the stores until after Thanksgiving? Long gone are those days!

So Santa's Heart won't feel strange here for a while.


Again, thank you!

Gay Ann

Words from Betty Nelson


I have loved stitching as long as I can remember and it has been my lifeline. It is where I find peace, relief from stress and a way to fight depression , frustration and anger.