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Parodies of Mona Lisa


I don't  know of any painting with more parodies than Mona Lisa. I hope you will follow along as new ones arrive on Queendom Website.


So what is the value of looking at parodies of Mona Lisa and what do they have to do with needlework in general and E-Week specifically?


Look at all the different portrayals and the different ways they deal with color and shading and subject matter.

Endless ways, often so creative, to interpret a single subject.


Yes, Leonardo is probably turning over in his grave, but I love some of the ingenious interpretations and think they are an inspiration for the way we should look at our own stitching.


No, I don't have any Mona Lisas at this year's E-Week but I do have a sale full of designs that await the individual hand of a stitcher, from small color changes upward.


Just like the people who did some of these fantastic parodies, it seems to me that we should bring our own interpretations to all we stitch.




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September 30, 2014



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Mona Lisa in Fancy Dress.

What can we needleworkers do with these Mona Lisas? Scroll down for some ideas.

Coming very soon: the answer to the age-old question: why is Mona Lisa smiling?

I have the answer!


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For us Needleworkers:

What lessons from these Mona Lisas? To my eye very easy: suggestion of pattern and color, not only single patterns but the combinations of patterns, the drape of the cloth, and the jewelry. If you are planning to stitch a figure of some sort, you are planning to clothe her (presumably); there are some good suggestions here.


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