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nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

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In my next life...

Here is who I want to be.

Isn't he beautiful?

My only problem with turning into him:

I dont want to be a man.

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February 27, 2020

My Story of Victoriana

My World of Needlework

February is here! One of my favorite months, filled with hearts and the promise that spring is right around the corner.

Hearts Hearts and more Hearts as I bide my time till spring.

February marks the beginning of my favorite time of year.

For Chapter 1, Notes on My Portrait of Queen Victoria, click on the photo of Victoria above.

I have not forgotten about finishing my Victoriana Series, but I keep bumping off working on it. I will return to it soon as I have met some small deadlines (like Hearts)

Continuing Hearts in February, 2020

I love the month of February and here are a few reasons why: Valentines and Hearts. Hearts Hearts and more Hearts. I know it is high winter months and many places are freezing, but it always seems to me like there is a whiff and a promise that spring is just around the corner. And do you notice? The days are growing longer. Yay!

The Third in My Series

Here is another of my Imperial Jewels Hearts, this one is Imperial Pearls Heart and it was always the favorite of my friend Natalie.

I remember making it -- I had such fun shopping for the different pearls. My favorite: the large irregularly shaped pearl at the center

Continuing after Valentine's Day

I know that it is past Valentine's Day, but for me Hearts are all year long, so I will continue posting a few more.

I can't believe I stitched my portrait of Catherine the Great 6 years ago, but I checked my photo files and indeed it was that long ago.

During the time I was stitching Catherine the Great, DH gave me a book of Imperial Russian Jewelry and it inpsired me to create a series of jeweled hearts to go along with Catherine.

Here is Imperial Rubies Heart from that series.

Continuing after Valentine's Day

Here is another of my Imperial Jewels Hearts, this one is Imperial Emeralds Heart, the first one I made. I always thought this one and Imperial Rubies Heart made a great Christmas pair.

The Fourth in My Series

Imperial Diamonds Heart is a combination of crystals and pearls on periwinkle and purple colors. What I can't catch in a photo is the fire of the crystals: in person it is so glittery.

The Fifth in My Series

For Imperial Aquamarines Heart I was lucky and found real aquamarines at a bead show.

These are the five Imperial Jewels Hearts I sold originally; I have one more I have never sold, and plans for one I intended to stitch and never did.

Now that I have posted all but one, I think I will make the last one. More about that later.