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Mid-Summer Sale

To enter the sale, click on the photo of Patriotic Heart below. When you arrive at the sale, click on any of the thumbnails for the designs.




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July 29, 2016

Important FAQs

read column below

Mid-Summer Sale is here!


This is a sale of patterns returning from my archives, a Catch-Up Sale of oft requested designs.

Where do I find the designs for sale?

Click on Patriotic Heart to enter the sale.


Where do I find out more information about the sale?

Click on News&Views on the yellow navigation bar


Are there any limited designs?

Designs with beads and kits have limits,

Designs with instructions only are unlimited (till I wear out).


What about shipping costs?

All shipping costs are included in the price. No extra shipping charges.


How long will the sale last?

Until the close of business next Tuesday, August 2.


When will you start mailing packages?

Wednesday, after the sale closes.


How long with it take to mail everything?

If past sales are any guide, 2-3 weeks. In recent years I've been faster, but we'll see how it goes.


When is your next sale?

E-Week, my big sale of the year, is in mid-October.


Why don't you sell designs all the time?

For the answer see the left column in News&Views.