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As we while away the dog days of summer, watch as I post a retrospective of the single form I have stitched the most in the past 20 years.


No, I've never counted how many. Yes, there will be more of them. They are too much fun to stitch!



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August 26, 2016

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Trotting Down Memory Lane: Hearts of Mine from My Past

A retrospective of the many many hearts I have stitched in the past 20 years

Above: Two Heart and Home Theme Hearts.  I love stitching houses and would like to find a bit of time to add to this series.

Above: Keepsake Heart with a tiny (3/4" tall) cameo and three other cameos to show the scale of the tiny cameo. The largest on the left is 2 1/4" tall.

I just finished stitching a heart and am about to start another heart.

As I stitched the outline for the newest heart, I began looking back on how many hearts I have stitched and over what period of time.


In these, the dog days of summer, I decided to while away a bit of time retracing the history of my hearts. Above is a photo of a pile of my hearts from years past.


This photo represents only a few of them. Gradually as we work our way to September, I will add more photos.