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These are the designs people have requested from my past.

Are there one or two you wish I would bring back?

Prices are for instructions and include shipping.




My World of Needlework


More Choices!


Here are eleven designs I've stitched and sold in the past.


Will you choose your favorite one or two and email me with your choices?


I'll bring back the ones you like best at E-Week's Early Morning Surprise Windows on Oct. 11 and 12.


They will show up there along with your other requests and some real surprises.






email me your choices:

1. Chloe, $38.00

2. Chloe's Cotillion Dress, $38.00

3. Flowers, Hearts and a Peacock, $46.00

4. Summer Solstice Geometric, $28.00

Be sure to scroll down

5. Victorian Painted Lady Sewing Case, $48.00

6. Small Garden Spot Sampler,  $34.00

7.  Painted Square, $27.00

8. Glittering Diamonds, a Mystery,  $36.00

Thank you, Ann McD, for sharing your piece.


10. Cloudy Day (comes with canvas), $34.00

(Very limited number)


9. Mystery with a Little Bit of Glitz,  $34.00

I don't know who stitched this one. If you write to me, I will include your name here.

11. Tree Top Angel

Instructions for front and back.