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Here is a revolving display of the designs for which Kate is offering supplies packets for E-Week's Designs as well as goodies such as scissors, magnets, buttons and beading kits.

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Annex 2014


E-Week has finished and it is time for Annex 2014.


What is Annex 2014?

The time when Kate offers supplies packets for most of the designs in E-Week, both in the general sale and from the Surprise Windows.


Kate always makes beautiful supplies packets, with congress cloth or canvas cut to size and carefully marked for warp and weft directions as well as the supplies in just the amounts you need for the projects.


For details see News&Views.



Annex News:

Annex will stay open until Sunday evening, November 2.

For a full report see News&Views.

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October 30, 2014





Kate's E-Week Annex 2014

 Supplies Packets for E-Week's Designs

The History of Annex


A few years ago I was desperate. I simply couldn't do all I had promised to do. It was then that Kate jumped in to help me and took over kitting supplies. It worked so well that she stayed on, and now she has her own little business making supplies packets for my designs. This little business is of course a small part of her activities, for Kate is director of Shining Needle Society. That's her main job. Well, her main job is Mom, but Shining Needle Society does take up a lot of her time.


Over the last five years Kate has offered supplies packets for many of the designs I have sold at E-Week and at my Hearts Sales. She does a wonderful job of it and I couldn't continue without her!


Kate is at E-Week again for her Fifth Year at


Thanks, Kate, for all your help!

The idea for Queen's Room came from our sojourn in CampStitch last spring. It was there that MacSoph tiled the colors of the room and I chose threads to look like the colors, drew a design in keeping with the spirit of the room and stitched the design.


This geometric is what I think of as a soft-edge geometric tempered with a center flower and clusters of ribbon roses, all in a gentle blue-green with accents of lavender

       and mauve.



This morning, as Annex begins to wind down,  here is my best-selling design at E-Week 2014:  Queen's Room.


Kate has supplies packets for the original colors as illustrated above. For more information about the supplies packets, click on the photo of Queen's Room.




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