Gay Ann Rogers

Gay Ann Rogers

Gay Ann Rogers

Gay Ann Rogers

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Needlework Designer/Teacher

Needlework Designer/Teacher


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My World of Needlework


My time has been so busy! My hands have been busy but my mind full of daydreams.


Now I am nearing the end of kitting for E-Week and the next phase, MacSoph and my webwork, so I have to concentrate. Good bye to daydreams -- for a while.




Website updated

September 22, 2018


Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

Small Previews of E-Week


For the rest of September and into early October, I will gather together some photos looking forward to E-Week.


September 22

Look at these 'diamonds' I found! I used them and the purples together for a royal look. I was lucky to find these 'diamonds' as they are glass, not acrylic, just like the vintage sew on stones I spent so much time collecting.


It is difficult for a photo to capture the fire of a good rhinestone, just like it is difficult to make Kreinik braid glisten.

These stones are wonderful because they are so reflective!


September 20

Here is a favorite, look at these wonderful purples!


Yes, they are coming to E-Week. Wait till you see what I made with them.


They are in two designs for this year's E-Week, but they are one choice, there are other choices for the designs.


Stay tuned and I will feature the others also.


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The countdown to E-Week has started. MacSoph and I are pounding away!

Only one more project to kit (I'm waiting for proofing corrections and for some threads).


Meanwhile MacSoph and I have transitioned to the webwork for this year's

E-Week. It's always exciting to watch the sale begin to come to life.