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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.


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December 12 2017

My World of Needlework


It is nice to be on the other side of a huge deadline. Combined with

E-Week last October the two kept me hopping.


Now I am hoping to finish E-Week once and for all.


You have until December 17 to report shortages and mistakes in your orders.


Only a few days left to report shortages. See News&Views for updates.

Please check your orders carefully and email me


Above: Flowers, Hearts and a Peacock

Left: Design adapted from a piece of Indian whitework made for English women living in India.

Here's my  question:


How do you prefer your whitework?  Flower of the Raj (above left) is ecru on ecru;

Flowers, Hearts and a Peacock is a mixture of colors.


Are you a purist: ecru on ecru? Or do you prefer the mix of colors in Flowers, Hearts and a Peacock?


Once I finally finish with E-Week, I should have a chance to start my big whitework sampler based on Ayrshire designs.


Most Ayrshire patterns are satin stitch flowers, leaves, stems and vines, with elaborate little needle lace fillings and often, as in this case, some drawn thread work (here at the bottom). Notice that the design on this dress is a cascading floral design of symmetry; this is true of all my little dresses and  all I've seen.


This particular dress is from the early part of the 19th century and the work is very fine.

(If you look carefully at the Flower of the Raj, maybe you can see a hint of where it came from).

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