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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.


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January 18, 2018

My World of Needlework


Following Carolyn's Auction on January 15.


A good way to while away a little break time from stitching, I watched Carolyn's Auction Monday night on eBay. Here are a couple of the highlights.


A Couple of the Highlights from Carolyn's Monday Night


I had been stitching for most of the day yesterday; no, that's not quite right. I was stitching and ripping for most of the day.

Sigh.... so last night I took off a little time and watched Carolyn's Monday night auctions on eBay.

A Bargain of the Evening


Here are two American silver thimbles that I thought were a bargain last night, particularly because of the less-common thimble on the left, with its panel bands of roses. The two went for $36.00.


I would not have been surprised if the thimble on the left would have fetched $40+ on its own, and a fair price for the thimble on the right would have been $24.00.


Nice treat for somebody! Well done.


To see the original listing and read Carolyn's descriptions, click on the link below:

Such Pretty Scissors!


When Carolyn first posted these scissors, I saw them and thought they were very pretty and I've enjoyed checking their progress. For days the auction languished with a high bid (if I remember correctly) of $67.00. The price stayed there till several hours before the end of the auction.


With 8 minutes to go, the price was $177.50, a heft increase.

With a minute to go, they jumped to $227.50,

then rapidly to $238.50, $242.50, $255.00 and then to the final bid of $331.88.


I can understand why they brought the price, for they are very decorative. The proportions are attractive, along with the beautiful scrolling chased design.


Somebody got a treasure.


To see the original listing and read Carolyn's descriptions, click on the link below:


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An Outstanding Pincushion


Here is what looks to me like an outstanding enamel and gold pincushion,

and I wasn't surprised to see so much interest in it.


Throughout the week, there was a robust early auction price of $255.00 and in the last few seconds of the auction, the price climbed to a healthy $432.00. Very pretty indeed.


To see Carolyn's descriptions, click on the link below:

Of interest coming up next Monday




For Anybody Collecting Eleanor Memorabilia

Even though a Fleur de Lis was not in wide use in Eleanor's time, in more modern times it has become associated with her and here is a pretty thimble with a raised Fleur de Lis design.


Right now the auction price is $18.00.


To read Carolyn's descriptions, click on the link below: