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March 20, 2018


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Checking Your Packages


Almost all of the packages from my Hearts Sale 2018 are in the mail now. I still have a few to mail, but they are packages with special requests and they always take longer.


As your packages arrive in the mail please check them: check the instructions to make certain that all pages are included (copy machines sometimes skip pages). Check all threads -- actually count the strands and spools, and check all beads in the bead packets.


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From Carolyn Meacham: auction on Monday night: a beautiful sewing case with a variety of silver needlework tools

Monday Night's Auction Results

I wasn't the only one who found Carolyn's auction last night fast paced and fun to watch. I heard from several of you who reported a good time. For more comments scroll down and also see News&Views

This set has wonderful scissors, tape measure and an emery among others. So pretty!


I confess, I am curious to see how high a pretty set like this will go.


To see more photos and read about it, click on the link below:

Post Auction:

This set obviously had many admirers and for good reason. Even a number of you who said you didn't bid on it enjoyed seeing it and watching the auction. There were 24 bids and the price ended at $800.00. I wondered if there would be a last-minute flurry of snipers (the reason the prices escalate at the last minute) but not so, the set reached its maximum price before the last minute. It is a beautiful set and somebody has a nice present coming her way soon.

Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.


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From Carolyn Meacham: auction on Monday night: a more modern guilloche thimble in a beautiful color.

Here is  a guilloche thimble of a different style -- a Norweigan thimble by David Andersen. The thimble is in Carolyn's auction tomorrow evening on eBay.


Isn't the color wonderful?


Below is the link to Carolyn's description.


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Post Auction:

I think the color of this thimble is just beautiful. It is a relatively modern enamel thimble made by an outstanding thimble maker and I wondered how it would do. In the end it fetched $132.50. It reached this price before the last minute flurry of snipers, so again no end-of-auction drama.


From Carolyn Meacham: auction on Monday night: such a pretty stiletto, what a wonderful laying tool  it would be

For an elegant stiletto repurposed into an elegant laying tool, I think it would be difficult to beat this one, beautiful shape and beautiful design, down to the faceted detail on the steel stiletto.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it does on Monday night.

Post Auction:

We stitchers have taken stilettos from the past and repurposed them into today's elegant laying tools, and so interest in stilettos seems to have revived. With good reason.

I loved this little silver gilt stiletto and wondered how it would fare. An hour before the cloes of the auction, in fact up until the last 36 seconds, the price was $40.99.

At 36 seconds, the price increased to $49.92,

then in the last 3 seconds to $125.00.


I have spent a bit of time explaining sniping which is why the price increases in the last few seconds to a number of people privately. I decided I would do a small article on sniping next week.