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Switching gears this morning, from Catherine back to Elizabeth: Barbara A. just finished and framed her Elizabeth and here she is, along with comments from Barbara.


Thanks, Barbara, for sending Elizabeth and for writing a bit about your stitching experiences. I find the portraits come so much more to life when I read about the stitcher's experiences.


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August 1, 2015



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Barbara A's Elizabeth


On the left a close up; below in the full frame.

August 1: update in News&Views


Late on July 23: I am going on hiatus for a few days. I have a medical issue I need to deal with. No, not serious, just uncomfortable. Hopefully my meds will kick in and I'll be back in a few days.

From Barbara:

Here’s a photo showing the frame - I really liked how this frame replicated the blackwork somewhat.  About stitching her - the hardest part for me was the white ruff and cuffs. These had stitches and techniques that were new to me and also I felt like I had a challenge keeping the white thread clean. The hair was total fun... The blackwork was my absolute favorite part - I love blackwork and got a kick out of it being worn by Anne Boleyn’s daughter when the story is that Catherine of Aragon introduced the technique in England. I considered at various times leaving the jewels off or maybe just doing the pearls so the blackwork would really stand out. My daughters, my guild, my cleaning lady insisted all the jewels needed to be done. I worked on the background a little at a time from the very beginning.


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A delicate face from Judy E.

Judy wrote that she isn't very tech savvy and was never able to access the classroom, but she has been stitching for close to 40 years. So she soldiered on and here is her Catherine.


From Judy:  I absolutely loved this piece and am so excited that Elizabeth l will be rereleased next year.


From me: it is a relief to know that my instructions work all on their own.

Thanks, Judy, you did a great job on Catherine!

Lisa H's Catherine, all finished

Such a Pretty Catherine all finished from Bunny S.

The First Finished and Framed Catherine From Irene S.

From Lisa:


I started Catherine on June 3rd and  finished her on July 8.  I stitched at least 2-3 hours just about every day.


I set a daily goal for myself, such as “today I will complete the rust bodice and do the puff balls.”  I wasn’t always able to complete my goal, but it helped me keep moving.


When you get fatigued, STOP STITCHING.  I find when I am tired, I am more likely to make mistakes and then have to spend time “unstitching.





Here is another Catherine all finished and beautifully stitched by Bunny S.


It is interesting that the colors vary from photo to photo; the threads all came from the same batches and dyelots but the cameras see the colors differently.