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Website updated

April 1, 2016



Above is a map showing how far MacSoph and I travel: it shows the locations around the world from which people have visited Queendom Website.

My World of Needlework


Queendom Website is on hiatus for approximately 6 weeks starting April 1.


During the time I hope to kit Mary, Bess and  Elizabeth as well as a couple of new Elizabethan goodies.


The time will pass quickly and I will be back before you know it. Please stitch a lot while I am away.


My portrait of Elizabeth and a couple of her accessories: my original Heart of Elizabeth and a smaller heart intended to be a caddy for scissors.

Can other accessories for Elizabeth be far behind?


A Small Heart of Elizabeth and an even smaller scissors fob heart. Scroll down and you will see the back of the heart with its little pouch for the scissors.

On the left is the original Heart of Elizabeth. The newer heart (above) is smaller.