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The Year of Catherine


Here is an ornament I made of a stitched facsimile of Catherine the Great's coronation crown, with its huge spinel and nearly 5000 diamonds.


Mind you, my crown doesn't have 5000 diamonds; not to worry that you have to sew on 5000 beads, but it is all sparkly and glistening.


Watch soon for an article on the crowns of Russia and the heads that word them.




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November 27, 2014



Above is a map showing how far MacSoph and I travel: it shows the locations around the world from which people have visited Queendom Website.


Stitching Catherine's Crown


This is in many ways the start of our new year on Queendom Website. The old year ends with the close of E-Week and the new year begins.


I would like to do two things in the New Year: welcome The Year of the Romanovs, Power and Opulence, and also continue The Year of the Stitch.


Do you think we could do both? I'm hoping so.


It is time to stitch Catherine's Crown. I think all the copies must be in your hands by now and it is indeed time to start.

Carolyn Meacham's auction:

Here is the dearest little pin poppet for sale tonight. To see the listing click on the photo below.

Normally I would post this on Stash Castle but poor Stash Castle is under the weather right now: I can't publish it.

The auction results:

There were 29 bids for the little pin poppet and the winning bid was $257.97. Although the price seems substantial for such a small trifle, I thought it might have gone higher because of the charm, age and condition. The winning bidder has a little treasure and I hope she/he enjoys it.

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