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A Slide Show of Hearts!

Here is a slide show of Hearts I've made. It isn't all of them by any means but these are ones I haven't sold for a while.



My World of Needlework


Hello Hearts


Here are eleven of the hearts I've stitched and sold in the past.


Will you choose your favorite one or two and email me with your choices?


I'll bring back the ones you like best at E-Week's Early Morning Surprise Windows on Oct. 11 and 12.


They will show up there along with your other requests and some real surprises.



Here are eleven hearts I've designed. I've sold all of them previously.


Will you let me know if there are one or two you like? Either write to my classroom at Shining Needle Society or to me personally:


Instructions for each heart are between $22 and $24. The pearls, beads and jewels on some of the hearts increase the price. I think the price for the most expensive one is $38.00 for instructions and beads.


To stop the slide show, click on any thumbnail.



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