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Autumn is here and autumn for MacSoph and me means it is time for our annual sale called E-Week.


We have been working away and we are ready.


E-Week 2016  will stay open until October 26.



Website updated

October 24, 2016

Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

Day 5 of E-Week: after today, two more days of shopping


Below is a design I adapted from Elizabeth's Coronation Crown.

It can be an ornament or a small framed piece.

I don't have a great number of them left, but I do have a few.

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about Eleanor and

her fob and scissors

My announcement Saturday: Eleanor of Aquitaine will arrive on Queendom Website on May 1. As the months go on, I would like to set up a good stitching environment for Eleanor and I am beginning with Eleanor's fob and a great pair of scissors.


The fob takes a couple of evenings, that's all and it will introduce you to Eleanor's Book of Hours colors: rich blues and purples with gold and pearls.

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The Status of the Designs in E-Week

Overall my supplies are dwindling for almost everything. I've had a good sale.


Elizabeth Monogram Square

I have a few left, probably about five.


Imperial Aquamarines Heart

I made a lot of these, so I have a fairly healthy number of them.


Inspired by Elizabeth

The instructions will be available throughout the sale.

I am out of Original Color Kits.

I have two Purples left.


Peace in Our Time Heart

This is probably my next design to be sold out.


Elizabeth's Chatelaine

I have four of the complete sets left.

The individual tools are OK.


Surprise Window Designs

The Halloween Designs are OK


Eleanor's Fob

I said I would make as many as people want. It will just take a little while.


Elizabeth is sold out.


Catherine's Sewing Case is on Wait List.