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April 15, 2014


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 Spring Cleaning

So what has happened between September 1, 2009 and now?

And why haven't we flown again?


People have asked me over and over again are we going to take another trip?


In December, 2010, as a farewell to my Townhouse Sewing Case Class, we boarded Queen's Flight (the plane) and took off for a long weekend in London where we went shopping at the Portobello Road

My World of Needlework Between 2009 and Now So what happened in the intervening years between our fantasy trip and April 2014? Here is a short history of those years.

my old stomping grounds.

And we toured London to see some of the inspirations for my Townhouse Sewing Case Design.

Maybe you can see now where the design came from.

In 2011 my woes started when Apple told MacSoph and me we had to move from iWeb to something else. I know that many of you followed me all through those travails. Finally we were moved, MacSoph and I, but it was a year and a half before we felt confident.


Then last September MacSoph suggested to me that we unfurl the jet from the guestroom closet and fly once again and that is when Natalie, MacSoph and I started planning a new trip.


So soon we will embark on a new journey: where and how? and what will happen?

It will all begin to unfold shortly.


First we have to get ready. Start gathering together the things you would like to take and we will soon start packing.



Above is a map showing how far MacSoph and I travel: it shows the locations around the world from which people have visited Queendom Website.

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