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September 2015

American Silver Thimbles


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For so long, American silver thimbles such as Simons' A Stitch in Time, along with other memorable examples were so expensive; in recent years, with the advent of eBay the prices have tumbled for many.


Always the contrarian in matters of collectibles, I have once again turned to thimble collecting. It is  a super little hobby with so many reflections on American history and geography, and the silver companies in the U.S. made such outstanding thimbles.

September 2015 Nun's Stitch, the Basics $13.00 including shipping in the U.S. To pay by PayPal click on the button below: A new booklet in my series of small booklets on stitching techniques, this time 'Nun's Stitch, the Basics'. As finishing costs have soared, Nun's Stitch finishing becomes a great alternative. In this booklet I explain the basic stitch and how to use on around a design for quick, easy and inexpensive finishing.

September 2015

Bullions Booklet


Bullion Knots: a Small Instruction Manual is the size of a greeting card and is 16 pages long, with diagrams of the way I teach Bullion Knots.


Bullions Booklet is $13.00 including shipping in the U.S.


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Nun's Stitch booklet is a small instruction manual the size of a greeting card, with 16 pages.

The booklet covers the stitch and how to do it, how secure is Nun's Stitch finishing, how to decide on fabric ground and thread, how to turn a basic 90 degree corner, how to assemble a project, and most important: planning a border of Nun's Stitch around your project.

April 13, 2016

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