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Needlepoint Lessons.


I began writing these lessons in 2015 and have been adding to them in 2017.


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Will there be more lessons?

Yes, as time permits I have ideas for more series and will add them as I write them.


I will leave them here on Queendom Website for a while longer; eventually, as Queendom Website becomes more and more crowded, I will move them to Stash Castle. But not for a while longer.


Needlepoint Lessons of Mine

Once I started writing Needlepoint Lessons for Queendom Website, my followers asked if I would leave them up permanently, and so far I have.

Below are links to my series of lessons from 2015

Below is the  link to my series of Lessons on Threads, 2016

Below are links to my short lessons in 2017


#1 Ripping: it is something we all have to do. Here are some notes resulting from hours I've spent ripping.


#2 Why I Rip so Much

Some notes on designing.


#3 Beginning and Ending Threads and the Value of Sharp Needles and Magnets


#4 Eyes that See