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Updated August 2018


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Will your email in box be flooded with Newsletters?

No, I send out a Newsletter a few days before a sale and another sometime during the sale. That's it.


When do I usually have sales?

Three times a year: in February, in May or June and in mid-October.


In 2018 I had an extra sale of the Last Queen in August.


Requesting Old Patterns

What about old patterns, how can you get the one you want?

If there is one you have your heart set on, email me:

I won't promise it, but if I receive other requests for it, I will try and bring it back.


Who are my Four Queens?

Elizabeth 1,

Catherine the Great,

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Queen Victoria.

The series is complete.


What if you missed one of the queens?

Will you have a chance to complete the series?


If I can put them together, I will offer a small number of the kits in the future for the express purpose of helping people fill out the series.




My World of Needlework


September 18, Tuesday

My first task this morning: counting and checking Echoes kits, for tomorrow morning I take them all to Jay and he will start packing and sending them.


And after checking Echoes kits, I will return to the same: I will count and staple labels on threads for the balance of the day.


Am I making progress? Yes.

Am I in good shape for E-Week? Maybe. Let me see how I do today.


Enjoy your day.


September 17, Monday

I have come to love the weekends because weekdays mean hassles. What are the hassles? Trying to find out whether long-overdue threads are on their way and if not, when might they be.


I try to be polite when I inquire but I am sure frustration creeps into my voice as I hear the same answers over and over again: 'they should be here any day -- we have an order due this week and the threads will probably be in that order, of course we don't know but we hope so.'


A common variation on this is, 'well, you know it is summer and those Europeans always take off the summer months and nothing will get done until the fall'.  This excuse starts in May and continues until the end of September, and then it starts again in November (because of the holidays in December),then the New Year is slow because everybody is just returning to work from the holidays.


This may result in smaller numbers of kits for my projects. Remains to be seen.  Sigh....


September 16, Sunday

I wish I had something entertaining to write about. I wish I had an exciting new project underway and could write about how I look forward to starting it and enjoying every stitch.


I do have good news but it is of a much more mundane nature: I finished kitting a small geometric yesterday. Life has gotten to the point where it is great news that I had all supplies for the small geometric and actually made it all the way through. The kits sit happily and proudly on our dining room table.


Such is the nature of things right now that this is exciting.


You should see the mess I have created, boxes everywhere, but for once it is relatively organized mess. The emphasis here is on the word 'relatively'.


So today? More of the same. Any stitching? No. I'm hoping you will spend time making up for my loss of stitching time and enjoy time with your needles.


Speaking of which: Lisa Houck just sent me a photo of her Victoria. The photo is marked 'Day 16' and she is so far along! Thank you, Lisa, a wonderful present! I look forward to seeing her finished.


September 15, Saturday

This morning something new on Queendom Website's Home Page and a recommendation long ago. Daydreams and reminscences from the past, an enjoyable way to start the day.


On with more mundane pursuits. Yesterday was the final day to pay for Echoes for delivery in September. Those who have not paid the balance due for Echoes may pay any time, the last date to pay is Ocrober 10, for delivery at the end of October.


New lessons this morning for our Victoria class. As soon as I finish writing this post, I will publish the new lessons.


Then onward with guess what: more kitting. I'm hoping to make some more progress this weekend. I am in one of those typical spots for my business: I can go only so far and then I have to wait for more supplies.


I will do as much as I can now; then I will have some frantic days later on when supplies arrive. I never know when that will be, as of course I have backordered supplies etc etc.


On with the day! Hope you have some time to spend with your needles.


September 14, Friday

More of the same today as I count strands of silk and floss and staple labels on them for most of the day today. My huge order from Kreinik arrived in a very large box, so I can now complete a number of kits.


Today is the last day to pay for Echoes kits for delivery in September.

Jay will start mailing Echoes kits on September 21.


TGIF. Tomorrow is Lesson 2 of Victoria's Class. Happily I have written it and just have to post it at 8:00 a.m. California time.


 Hard to believe that we are almost halfway through September -- I have got to work a little harder!


September 12, Wednesday

Wish I could tell you I was up to something exciting, wish I coule say I started stitching something I look forward to, but no stitching, no such luck.  I spent yesterday bookkeeping and kitting, that was it.


I did have a good time counting lengths of very pretty ribbons and when I finished, I had bundles of colors that DH said looked like pretty gift wrappings. But that was my only excitement yesterday.


Slowly I am marching toward E-Week, MacSoph right alongside me.

One month less one day to go.


September 11, Tuesday

September 11 -- 9/11


Where were you all those years ago? I remember where I was; the night before, I had flown home from an ANG seminar in Washington, D. C. area. As always I was glad to be home again. Because of the time change and the relatively long journey, I had fallen asleep early and therefore was up early.


I remember turning on the television for the morning news. DH and I were glued to the television for the balance of the day. It didn't seem possible. All these years later, remembering it again, it still doesn't seem possible.


Back to the mundane: more kitting today. In fact, kitting in the near future.


E-Week starts a month from today.



Queendom Website’s Own Jargon



MacSoph is my trusty little Apple MacBook computer.


Actually I have two MacSophs, now. They both work on Queendom Website, particularly during Sales.


Back in the late 1980’s DH and I had an SE and an English friend named that computer ‘Sophie Enchilada’ a bit of ridiculousness that stuck and our computers have been ‘Soph’ ever since. As I said, I now have two MacSophs.



DH is my 'Dear Husband' who helps me by running Mail Jail. Actually he does most of my bookkeeping also since I am so bad at it.


The main thing to know about DH in connection with Queendom Website is the concept of ‘First Thing in the Morning’.


First Thing in the Morning means just that to me: it is the first thing I do in the morning.


DH has a different concept: First Thing in the Morning can often mean before 4:00 in the afternoon. DH isn’t a morning person.


This arises in connection with ‘Mailing Packages First Thing in the Morning’.


How Queendom Website Got its Name

Not long after MacSoph and I started our website, a friend said to me, your website is just like your own little private kingdom.


I replied, “yes, but not a kingdom, it’s a Queendom and I am Queen.”


And that’s why I usually have an abundant number of crowns and Things Royal on Queendom Website.



E-Week is my big once-a-year sale usually in mid-October. I have other sales during the year but E-Week is my extravaganza.


E-Week is named after Merchandise Night at seminars. Merchandise Night at seminars is an evening when teachers and other vendors sell their wares for 2 hours or so. Now I have E-Merchandise Week, shortened along the years to 'E-Week'.


Early Morning Sales

During E-Week, Early Morning Sales happen on Saturday morning at 8:00 sharp California Time.

Early Morning Sales have special items, often limited in number, for a short period of time. If I do say so, they are a special part of E-Week and they are great fun!


Mail Jail

Mail Jail is the shipping division of my little business and it is the main reason I don’t have things for sale on Queendom Website all the time.


I used to be mired in packages until December; at last year's E-Week I was in Mail Jail until February which was way too long.


So I found Jay who has taken over Mail Jail for me. He is so efficient at it and I am delighted that he is willing to do it.


Kit Hell

Every needlework teacher knows about Kit Hell. That’s the time before a class when you do nothing but order supplies and then divide them up into kits.


Even though I am retired from travel-teaching, I still have a bit of Kit Hell now and again.


Bead Mania

If you have ever spilled 10,000 seed beads, you will know about Bead Mania.


This is all the Queendom Website Jargon I can think of right now. If I think of more of it, I will post it here.



Queendom Website's Production Team

Queendom Website's staff includes:

Queen (me),

Queen Consort (DH) who manages Mail Jail and now has become a staff writer,

and Queendom Website's Faithful Subjects, MacSophs II and III (my trusty little MacBook computers).