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December 15, 2017 Friday

There is a Christmas bead show today and I am showing great restraint and not going. I'm staying home and working on two hearts for which I have all the beads I need.


The sooner I finish the hearts, the sooner I can start my new sampler.


December 14, 2017 Thursday

I had the most lovely day yesterday. No pressure and I did nothing of importance.


A long conversation with my oldest friend from my college days, a few notes back and forth with my political buddy. We are the two sides of the coin and I have a wonderful time e-chatting with her. Politics is my spectator sport (picture me on Tuesday night like football-lovers watching The Big Game).


DH asked me where I wanted to go for a special lunch and I chose our local In n Out (our great local hamburger drive through) and we sat in our car and ate yummy cheeseburgers. It was heavenly.


Stitching? I'll start again this weekend. I have to finish the beads on two little hearts and then I can start my big sampler.


December 13, 2017 Wednesday

DH ran some errands yesterday and ended up stuck in traffic for over an hour. He thought there had been an accident, but the news reported that all our roads, North and South, East and West, were simply crowded yesterday.

I think it is the season and people are just too busy.


Twelve days till Christmas, four days to report shortages from E-Week 2017, bad planning on my part. I'm sorry, a collision of dates when we are all so busy.


For me personally, it all comes down to timing and space. I would like to put away E-Week supplies so I can clear off my dining room table and revert it to its original function: a place to eat. (Novel idea: dining room table as a place to eat).


By the time Christmas is over and I retrieve the dining room table for its more normal function in our house, a repository for kitting supplies in progress, it will be time for hearts, not E-Week.


Looking forward not back.


December 12, 2017 Tuesday

Remember the date, December 17, the last day to check your packages and report shortages to me. That's five days from now.


Yesterday the post office was jammed, lines out the door. I have two more packages to mail today and then I've decided to table all mailings for the the rest of the Christmas rush.


I still have a couple of deadlines to meet and they'll take me a few days, then I hope I can start my new sampler. If I can't start it before, I'll start it very early on Christmas morning, before first light. What a treat that would be, before the rest of the world is up.


I know it is a busy time of year, but remember to take a few minutes for yourself and your needle.


December 11, 2017 Monday

I am sending off a couple of small packages with repairs for E-Week and when I send them, I am going to say I am finished until the New Year.


I have one person who reported a bunch of mistakes in her order (so far the only one) and one person with a lost package (the post office showed the package made to journey and was out on the truck for delivery and then nothing).


I would like any more reports about shortages or mistakes on or before December 17 (now only 6 days away), but I'm going to table any more mailings until the new year. The post office is simply too crowded at this time of year and doubly prone to losing things, so the best thing is to leave it all until the holidays are over.


I've had E-Week supplies dominating my space since last September. I can't move them and pack them away until December 18, but it isn't that far off. It will be nice to reclaim the dining room table, for example, and to put up some Christmas decorations.


All this reminds me that MacSoph and I need to decorate Queendom Website also. We'll try and do it in the next few days. I have a most unusual tale for this year. It happened a couple of years ago and I've been saving it till I have a chance to sit down and write it.


December 10, 2017 Sunday

The time is dwindling. Please check your E-Week packages from me and make sure you have everything you ordered; please report any shortages or mistakes to me before December 17.


I had hoped most people would check orders before now, because December is such a busy month at the post office.


This time I am happy to report there have been so few errors, and so far all have been my mistakes (missing beads, missing strands of thread), not the print shop's. I think they did a super job for everybody except one person.


This is the second time she has reported errors the print shop  made -- it has now happened to her twice (Summer Sale and E-Week both) and this time a substantial error, but so far she is the only one.


I'm sorry about her order, but am happy that the print shop has worked out well; many of you have reported that they did a great job of packing things and it is certainly a relief to me. They tell me they will continue which is music to my ears.



Mail Jail Reports


November 14

NOW THE TIME has come to contact me if you haven't heard from me about your

E-Week 2017 order.

PLEASE EMAIL ME straight away!


November 10

Good news! my back-ordered pearl cotton will be here shortly and I will finish Echoes II kits and have them on their way next week. Who could have guessed that pearl cotton would become a problem thread, not me, but it did. Never mind, for now the problem is over. In the future? Well, the future is the future and we'll see.


November 8

E-Week is almost over and the majority of packages are in the mail. I have one hiccup that will delay the rest of the packages hopefully not for long.


I made Echoes II kits in two groups: Group 1 Echoes II kits were complete;

Group 2 Echoes kits lacked an off white color pearl cotton. When the pearl cotton was on backorder, I canceled the order and decided to kit the design with ecru pearl cotton as a substitute.


Within a day of the end of the sale back on October 24, the distributor called me and said that the backordered pearl cotton had been shipped, and she had proof because the pearl cotton was actually listed on the shipping invoice, that it would reach her the next day and she would ship it to me immediately.


So I abandoned my plan to substitute ecru. I much preferred my original color and I thought, it will be seamless and everybody will have the color I intended.


Gullible, naive me. It's still not here. I should have known better.

Yesterday I made my 7th call to check up on it. Today is the day it is (now) promised.


Bottom line: the print shop has more shipping on hold. They will send the rest of E-Week as soon as the pearl cotton arrives.


November 4

If you correspond with me about something that I have to mail to you PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SNAIL MAIL in the email.



Deadlines for Reporting Mistakes to Your Orders


November 3

As your packages arrive, will you please check everything carefully. Check the instructions to make certain that you have sequential pages (copy machines can skip pages), check supplies, check beads and check canvases.


You have until December 17 to report any shortages to me.


Until December 15, I will replace any missing parts. After December 15, I won't. I know it seems strict and here is why.


I kid you not: people have written me up to 20 YEARS after I taught a project to ask me for replacement instructions, threads and beads.


I have two worst examples and once again here they are. A woman who had taken a class from me 20 years ago died and her children had given her stash to the guilds. A woman bought the partially worked kit at the guilds but discovered it was missing something. Straightaway she wrote to me and said that she knew I would wish to honor the deceased woman by replacing the missing parts to the kit for the woman who had bought it.


Here's my second example:

A woman bought a kit of mine on eBay; it was missing a page in the instructions. She decided she didn't want to stitch the project after all, and wanted to resell it on eBay, could I please send her the missing page so that she could sell it.


I have pages of other stories like this and eventually they led me to make a deadline for replacement parts. This year the deadline is December 17, 2017.

You have until December 17 to report mistakes and shortages in your orders from E-Week 2017

Please include your snail addy in emails to me.