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Queendom Website’s Own Jargon



MacSoph is my trusty little Apple computer.


Actually I have two MacSophs,now. They both work on Queendom Website, particularly during Sales.


Back in the late 1980’s DH and I had an SE and an English friend named that computer ‘Sophie Enchilada’ a bit of ridiculousness that stuck and our computers have been ‘Soph’ ever since. As I said, I now have two MacSophs.



DH is my 'Dear Husband' who helps me by running Mail Jail. Actually he does most of my bookkeeping also since I am so bad at it.


The main thing to know about DH in connection with Queendom Website is the concept of ‘First Thing in the Morning’.


First Thing in the Morning means just that to me: it is the first thing I do in the morning.


DH has a different concept: First Thing in the Morning can often mean before 4:00 in the afternoon. DH isn’t a morning person.


This arises in connection with ‘Mailing Packages First Thing in the Morning’.


How Queendom Website Got its Name

Not long after MacSoph and I started our website, a friend said to me, your website is just like your own little private kingdom.


I replied, “yes, but not a kingdom, it’s a Queendom and I am Queen.”


And that’s why I usually have an abundance of crowns and things Royal on Queendom Website.


Early Morning Sales

During special sales, Early Morning Sales happen on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings at 8:00 sharp California Time.

Early Morning Sales have special items, often limited in number, for a short period of time. If I do say so, they are a special part of E-Week and they are great fun!


Mail Jail

Mail Jail is the shipping division of my little business and it is the main reason I don’t have things for sale on Queendom Website all the time.


Mail Jail is its own form of torture, and during sales it dominates my life.


Somehow I missed the organizational gene and every year I struggle, make mistakes, get chastised by the Organized People of the World, make my apologies and continue to struggle.


Eventually though, for those willing to be patient, I do indeed get through it all. It just takes patience on everybody’s part.


Kit Hell

Every needlework teacher knows about Kit Hell. That’s the time before a class when you do nothing but order supplies and then divide them up into kits.


Even though I am retired from travel-teaching, I still have a bit of Kit Hell now and again.


Bead Mania

If you have ever spilled 10,000 seed beads, you will know about Bead Mania.


This is all the Queendom Website Jargon I can think of right now. If I think of more of it, I will post it here.



Queendom Website's Production Team

Queendom Website's staff includes:

Queen (me),

Queen Consort (DH) who manages Mail Jail and now has become a staff writer,

and Queendom Website's Faithful Subjects, MacSophs II and III (my trusty little MacBook computers).

About my Summer Sale 2017

Updated August 21, 2017


My Summer Sale is Here

Sometimes I have a sale in mid-summer to catch up requests for designs from my archives.


This year I have 9 designs returning; I have chosen each because they received the most requests. That's the way it usually works: I offer a list of possibilities and let my followers choose.


This year, the most requested pattern was for Button Doll, a design I have never featured online before. Why? Actually, she has been hanging in my guest studio and I'd forgotten about her until I was cleaning cleaning cleaning.


Next most requested: Deco Lady

Over the years I have had requests for the instructions only, this from people who want to stitch the Deco Lady only, and not the purse shape.


So this year I am offering Deco Lady as a kit or as instructions only.


I am always surprised at

Santa Fe Square, my first ever geometric, and this year is no exception. Santa Fe Square and the newer companion pieces return this year.


People always ask me for the predecessors to Mystery in a Corner and I have brought them back:

Glittering Diamonds (a Mystery) and Mystery with a Little Bit of Glitz.


Treasured Remembrance, one of my large and favorite samplers, returns because of requests.


My Summer Sale 2017 is a small sale with a purpose.

After E-Week 2016 I decided I needed help with Mail Jail. That E-Week dragged on until February!


My print shop owner said he would do my mailing and I jumped at the chance. He has the space and he is super organized. He mailed all of Eleanor and people were amazed that they received their kits within a week of the time they ordered them.


This small sale will give Jay a chance to juggle patterns and prepare for E-Week. That's its purpose.


The upside to outsourcing Mail Jail: my sanity.

The downside: it increases my prices because I pay Jay a fee per package in addition to the shipping charges.


We are still int eh testing stages and we'll see how it goes. I hope well because I don't ever want to do Mail Jail for a large sale again!










August 22, 2017 Tuesday

The kits for Button Doll, Deco Lady and Treasured Remembrance are all sold. Instructions only are still available.


I am both surprised and delighted by the enthusiasm with which all the patterns have been met, but particularly with Deco Lady. I hope you will enjoy her and her beautiful beads.


A note about the instructions: these are old projects of mine and some of the original threads are no longer available. With each set of instructions I have included an updated supplies list with substitutions and in some cases notes about the substitutions. The updated substitutions should work well.


Here's my recommendation: because the numbers of the original threads run throughout the instructions, re-label the substitutions so that they have the original numbers. Do this simply by stapling a small piece of paper with the old number around the thread. It is easy enough to do and will keep confusion at a minimum.


August 21, 2017 4:00 pm Updates

I wanted to update my sale: I am surprised and very delighted that all my kits have gone, save one Green Button Doll kit. I started the  morning with a hefty number of Deco Ladies and am both surprised and delighted that they are all gone.


So basically what I have left are instructions. Many of you have asked me if I plan to kit Treasured Remembrance again, and the answer is likely no. I plan to give it to the library in the autumn (besides requests, one of the reasons I brought it back this time was that I guessed it might be the final time).


I have had requests today for the smaller cameo pieces and eventually I will try and bring them back too.


All in all, such a nice day for me, a very validating one. Thank you for coming!


I'll leave the sale open, as advertised, until Wednesday afternoon.


August 21, 2017 Monday

Summer Sale 2017 begins this morning and continues through Wednesday.


Helpful Hints and Tips for Navigating through the Sale.


To find the designs for E-Week click on 'Summer Sale 2017 on the yellow navigation bar. Then click on any of the photos to travel to descriptions of the projects and PayPal buttons.


To travel quickly through the sale from beginning to end:

start with Button then click on the 'Next' tab on each page. You may also use the 'back' tab to return to the last design and the 'Return to Directory' tab to return to photos of everything (the Directory Page)


If you wish to buy something, you have two options:

click on the PayPal Button. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will allow you to pay by your credit card. It's very easy.


If you would like to pay by personal check, please email me for an invoice.


Taxes: for people ordering from a California address, PayPal will automatically add 8%.


Need Help with Financing?

In the last few years I've helped with a payment plan extending over several months. For this sale the longest time is 6 months.


Here's how it works: add up your purchases, divide the total number of months (for example, 6),  then send me post-dated checks, one for each month.


Date the first one, August 25, 2017. I will file your checks and cash one each month.


If you are interested in my novel financing plan, please email me: and we will work out a payment plan for you. I've had many people opt for this plan and so far it has worked very well.


Shipping Charges and Mail Jail


Shipping Charges for Summer Sale 2017

Shipping is included in the price for each design, with one exception: if you order ONLY the little beading needles packet, there will be a surcharge of $6.00 for this single purchase.

If you buy it in combination with other designs, there is no surcharge.


Shipping Outside the U.S.

I am happy to sell patterns and kits to people outside the U.S. who have U.S. addresses. I no longer ship packages outside the U.S.


In the last year (thank you, Angela!) I have learned about a shipping site called '' for shipping outside the U.S. I have a number of customers who have used it successfully. They have reported that the costs are reasonable and the packages arrive safely.


Mail Jail

Mail Jail will open on Monday August 28. This has to do with the time it will take me to set up and teach Jay. I want to have some time and get it right; I'm hoping he won't mind doing it.


A note about my prices: my prices have stayed much the same but my shipping prices have increased because I pay Jay by the pattern he packs and sends. In the end, I just couldn't do it all and I needed help. With help comes an increase in prices. I guess it is inevitable.


Because this is Jay's training session, it will take a while longer.

I hope you will be patient as we work out the details.


Purpose of This Sale

The purpose of this sale is to give Jay, my shipper, time to learn about shipping multiple patterns before E-Week, my biggest sale of the year (in October).




Please email me any questions:


Cheerio, we're off and running!!







Summer Sale 2017

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