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nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

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ANyone working on a Queen?

Make an  appointment with your Queen,

Write it down in your appointment book: 1 hour long.

Meet her on time and work on her.

At the end of your hour, make another appointment, and keep the appointment.

Trying My Plan

If you have finished your Queen, congratulations! I hope you will join my Stitchalong Group on facebook and become part of an encouragement team.

If you have Eleanor in any condition marked B, C, D, E, the time has come....

How to Deal with a Daunting Task

Eleanor is no small project, it is true, as a number of you have written. If she seems too daunting, don't think about finishing her, just take it appointment by appointment, hour by hour.  The ideal is your enjoying each hour and not worrying about reaching 'finished.'

Suggestions For Success:

When you finish your appointment, leave Eleanor set up, don't put her away.

Leave your needle threaded for your next appointment.

Mistakes? Do all ripping before you end your appointment, so that you start your next appointment on a positive note.

Pride and Prejudice Stitchalong Room

Maxine and I promised a Pride and Prejudice Stitchalong Room for my Needle Book from 2013.  If you have had the kit for 10 years and never picked it up, how about now?

Maxine who just finished it last summer had the idea to guide a group. This is an easy-to-stitch project but takes perseverance. Best way: bit at a time.

If you have the kit or the pattern and would like to join the Stitchalong Room, please email me for the link.


Last Day Pride and Prejudice

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Free Audio Book

My brief sale of Pride and Prejudice Needle Book ends this evening.

Pride and Prejudice

Needlebook, Bookmark and Alphabets Booklet

Instructions for both NeedleBook and Bookmark, plus Alphabets book

(no canvas, no threads)

$88.00 includes shipping.

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Pride and Prejudice NeedleBook

Instructions  (no canvas, no threads)

$68.00 includes shipping.

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Needle Book Open, with Bookmark

Upper Left: Front and Spine of Needle Book

Lower Left: Inside Front

Below Left: Back of Needle Book

Below Right: Inside Back of Needle Book

Above: Back of Needle Book.

On Right: Last Page and inside Back of Needle Book.

Below: All the pieces that you stitch to make the Needle Book.

Description of Pride and Prejudice Needle Book

The neede book is not a light-hearted quick-to-complete project.

It is a time-consuming labor of love for a most celebrated English Novel. Next year Pride and Prejudice will be 210 years old.

You can make the needle book on congress cloth, as I did, or

on any number of linens. I stitched the needle book in Soie d'Alger, 100/3 and Gold Kreinik braid but you can choose threads to match your linen. Please scroll down to read more about linen choices.

Scroll up and you will find a photo of the front of the Book Mark.

Above is a photo of the Back of the Book Mark with a quote about Jane Austen by Virginia Woolf.

The supplies are the same for the Bookmark. The instructions are 15  pages long with 2 Oversize Graphs, a title page and a color copy.

Further Comments

I spent much of 2012 obsessed with making this needle book. I loved every minute of figuring it out and stitching it so that I could have a Jane Austen Party for the whole of 2013, and that's what I did.  This is the first time in 9 years that I have sold it. I am bringing it back now because of requests.

One of my hesitations in selling the pattern: I no longer have my needle book, bookmark or any of the accessories I also made. About 5 years ago I gave them to a small collections library with the very good fortune of having first editions of all six of Jane Austen's novels. I thought, perfect place for my Pride and Prejudice, Needle Book Edition.

The very diligent Maxine Martin began and completed the Needle Book this year, as a part of my 15-Stitches a Day Program. When she finished it, she said to me, she would like to lead a group of Janeite Stitchers on Facebook.  That's when I decided, OK, I will sell it once again.

Next year is the 210th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice. I suggest you  put on an audio book and work your way through the Needle Book.

Details from Maxine

She stitched her needle book on congress cloth. The measurements are 6 1/4" tall x 4 1/4" wide. Thanks, Maxine.

An Important Word about Ground Fabrics

In the instructions are suggestions of different ground fabrics including congress cloth and various linens. The congress cloth is still available, with the addition in recent years of the color Soft Ivory.

I made my own Needlebook on congress cloth and  all of the other linens listed in the pattern are extinct now,  

My expertise is not in linen; if you wish to make the needle book on a linen ground, I suggest you contact Cathe Ray for suggestions in possibilities and also for coodinating threads.




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