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nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.



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June 8

This is my sampler called 'Dressing Henry.' I decapitated Henry VIII (seems just deserts) and made a sampler using some of the patterns from paintings  by Holbein at al. I have often wondered how much of the attraction of Henry VIII is based on those paintings. I had a super time stitching the design with its many and varied patterns. Now I have to decide about writing the instructions.

Sewing cases for men are rare

But Henry was as big as a bear

When he danced

His ripped his pants

So a sewing case, he wanted one

Carrying it was no fun

When that happened, he did dread

Out came the silken thread

Not sure he did the repair

He would not even dare

Surely with all his monies  

The mending was done by all his honeys.

As I stitched Dressing Henry, I drew the Oversize Graphs.  Because of the various layers, it is next to impossible to reconstruct them after I've finished, so I draw them as I go. But I never wrote the instructions. When Margaret wrote her poem (below) I started reconsidering.

Dressing Henry

June 10

This is a second version of Dressing Elizabeth. Can you find the difference between the two versions?

Dressing Elizabeth, version 1

June 9

After I finished Dressing Henry, I was still in the Tudor mood and made this. A bit more chalenging. here is Dressing Elizabeth.

Dressing Elizabeth, version 2

My World of Needlework

I have all summer long ahead of me, so what should I do?  I hope you will help me decide, thank you.

A Reminder

If you are new to my designs, please read about my instructions and the reason I package them the way I do.

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