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Updated June 14, 2024

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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,  

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

All deadlines from 2023 are currently  past.

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My Patriotica Sale starts at 8:00 a.m. right here, on my home page.

A Reminder

If you are new to my designs, please read about my instructions and the reason I package them the way I do.

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Betsy's New Heart will be in the sale.

This is the first time I've sold it.

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Not Long Now –  My Patriotica Sale  starts  on

June 20th  at 8:00 a.m.  California Time.


June 20, 2024. Here on Queendom Website

So what have I decided to include in the sale?

Fireworks, a Geometric on 18 mesh canvas will be in the sale. Returning, Instructions only so you can use my choices or your own.

Betsy Ross's Sewing Case The photos show front, back and insides of the sewing case. The kit includes the scissors and two special little needlebooks.

US UK Heart with three photos now on Queendom Website's Home Page it is obvious I will include the heart in my sale

American Silver Thimbles Sampler with its patterns adapted from the tiny bands of American silver thimbles, plus several of the prominent thimble-makers marks. Notice in particulalr the band on the scenic thimble that inspired the center band on the sampler.

Travel by Heart, my first two in the series: on the left, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, on the right, Lady Liberty.

Will there be more eventually? Hopefully.

Do you recognize Fireworks in Val's iteration of it?

What a wonderful adapation and the main reason for my selling instructions only. Val entered it in Los Angeles County Fair this year and she won a blue ribbon and a judge's choice and she just sent me this photo.

A surprise photo below and a change this morning.

Fireworks, a Geometric on 18 mesh canvas will be in the sale. Returning, Instructions only so you can use my choices or your own.

Val's Fireworks is wonderful and a good example of bringing yourself to a pattern.

It makes the best argument for my selling Instructions ONLY instead of complete kits.