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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,  

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.



for sale again

A Surprise for my Surprise Windows

My World of Needlework

Autumn is here now and with it, time for me to work on EWeek, my yearly sale in October.

In the next weeks I will explain how EWeek works.

A Reminder

If you are new to my designs, please read about my instructions and the reason I package them the way I do.

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Patriotic Designs for June-July next year.

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EWeek is my big sale of the year, a time when I sell new designs and I add each year a special feature called 'Surprise Windows.'

Carolyn will be here with her special offerings of beautiful antique needlework tools and I will offer all sorts of things: usually I offer a combination of unlimited patterns and then  highly limited spare kits I find such as two kits for each of my Echoes Designs.

When we come closer to EWeek, I will post more information about Surprise Windows and how they work. I will even post two Practice Windows. If you follow along, you will be well prepared for EWeek and its Surprise Windows.

EWeek is My annual Autumn Sale, and a Part of EWeek are Surprise Windows.

Actually a surprise for me and ultimately a genuine Surprise in my Surprise Windows!

Look at the posts below: did you know there will likely be a Season 7 of Downtown Abbey?

I thought, REALLY?

So I have a bit of an EWeek Surprise: for those of you who have asked me for more Downton Abbey geometrics, I have a new one! I've been saving it and now seems like the perfect time. Look for it in my Surprise Windows. More about Surprise Windows later in October.

Last spring I promised FiberTalk I would sell my Drawn Thread Sampler in Surprise Windows at my October Sale. Here are photos of Drawn Thread Sampler and its Doodle Sampler. Instructions for both are included.  In addition I have received so many requests for Acorn Sampler that I have added it too

I will sell the instructions only for each and Cathe Ray from Needle in a Haystack will offer the supplies.  I stitched my samplers on congress cloth but always thought they would be super on linen congress cloth and happily Cathe has a supply of it, along with many ground possibilities.

So Far here are designs for Surprise Windows: Drawn Thread Sampler and Acorn Sampler

Snowflake Girl from Long Ago

Long ago I stitched Snowflake Girl. I have sold her any number of times but am thinking of bringing her back in EWeek because she is so appropriate for my Winter Solstice theme.

Winter's Cottage Sewing Case

I do love Winter's Colors and Designs and here is another from my past, a small Winter's Cottage Sewing Case.  See the tiny cottage on the inside?  That is a 'built in' needle book; the doorway holds a mini pair for scissors.

Now you have seen all my old Winter's Designs, but there are new ones still to come: of course Snow Maiden, her little sisters, her heart and some ornaments.  As I wrote earlier,

EWeek this year will be a celebration of Winter and my second favorite day of the year, The Winder Solstice.

A Creative Idea, Part 1

Here is a geometric from my past related in themes to Elizabeth 1. Easy to identify the themes, namely blackwork patterns, a monogram and a crown. The white areas make a nice contrast to the blackwork patterns and they faintly reflect an Elizabethan collar. There are no beads on the design, just tiny stitched motifs to reflect the beads.

So how does this Elizabethan-style design fit into my Winter Solstice theme? Tomorrow.

A Creative Idea, Part 11

How to change my Elizabethan Geometric composed of blackwork, white, gold and stitched jewels into Winter? A monochromatic colorization.  

For those of you who have asked and asked for Sybil's Dress, this isn't Sybil's Dress, but know this: Sybil's Dress is in the planning stages, ie I've bought beads and threads and have a rough drawing.

I won't tell you any more, I will just let it be a Surprise in my Surprise Windows (October 21 and 22).