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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,  

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.

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January 27, 2021


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Audrey, Carolyn Elworthy and Leslie Durst in 2005 at EGA's one woman show of Audrey's work.

Profiles for Comparisons

Do You Notice

something about these four faces?

I will let you look at them today, then tomorrow I will tell you what I know that I wonder if you notice....

My World of Needlework

This morning  more on the faces of my Four Seasons.

Did you notice they are virtually the same? Strawberry Girl was first; Flower Girl was second and I opened her eye.

Otherwise the face is the same. The faces are all the same, but they took on differences with the additions of hair, flowers, scarves, caps and hats.

Notice when you see only the face they look more similar than when you see the whole figure.

Jane Zimmerman and Placido Domingo.

Jan 25:

Strawberry Girl was the first and notice her eye is closed. Next I made Flower Girl and I fiddled around and opened her eye. Otherwise the face is the same.  I borrowed Flower Girl's face for Acorn Girl and Snowflake Girl.

Notice that the hair and the costumes change each so they look slightly different. If you scroll down you will see Flower Girl and Strawberry Girl in full and I'm guessing you will find the differences even more pronounced when you see them in full.


for restored


Jan 26:

This morning I have posted all four Seasons. Seeing the four faces only, as thumbnails on the left, you are more likely to notice the similarities.

If you scroll down and look at the four full figures, each will look more distinct. Altough the face is the focal point of any figure, it is a small portion of each of these designs and as the full figure unfolds, the face is a smaller proportion.

If I hadn't posted thumbnails of the faces, I doubt you would have noticed they are virutally the same.

Jan 27

So why did I make the faces the same? I knew both by way of the change in hair and caps and costumes that they would have their individual looks and I thought it would harmonize the grouping.

Flower Girl (Spring)

Strawberry Girl (Summer)

Acorn Girl (Autumn)

Snowflake Girl (Winter)

Had the faces been larger and more detialed, had they occupied more of the design area, I would have changed them, but these are small and simple faces and the options are not great anyway.

Besignes, there is one more consideration: depending on your tension and on the angle of the needle, your stitching is going to make small differences, and thos difference are sufficient.