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Above is the map of how far Queendom Website has traveled,  

nice for MacSoph and me, but doubly nice because it shows that needlework is indeed alive and well right round the world.


Patriotic Designs for June-July next year.

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The deadline for reporting mistakes for EWeek 2023 is past now.

The deadline  for reporting Christmas mistakes is past.

Echoes I and II: I will post when I know

I am ready to start work on Echoes. With a beautiful red overdye in hand, I will start soon.

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Jane Ellen Balzuweit

Jane Ellen's Class for Shining Needle Society

This is not a quilting class, it fully a needlework class, mostly about ribbon embroidered flowers with some dividing stitches.

Oooo what a fun class! I signed up! Hope others of you will join me. I love ribbon embroidery! The little flowers are so dimensional and colorful and the dividing bands are great stitches too.

P.S. I have no financial interest in Jane Ellen's classes, I just like my friend's work.

My Samplers: Hopefully soon some info

Drawn Thread Sampler and Doodle Sampler are the same patterns, just juggled in different formats. Acorn Sampler is a separate Sampler but with some of the same elements.

I posted them on facebook and asked, 'a combined class or two separate classes?' The answer was 'separate classes.'

Jane Ellen and Kate are working out the details; I will post the results soon as they tell me.

When I sold the pattern for this sampler, I  wondered if people would need help. Today I received a couple of questions about the basics and  I wondered, are a number of you who could use help?

I retired from teaching years ago, but Jane Ellen might be willing to teach it. She has taught it before and is wonderful at the techniques.  If a class would help you, post a remark or question and maybe we could get one going.

Drawn Thread Sampler and Doodle

Last days to enroll in Jane Ellen's Online Class at Shining Needle Society

March storms have stopped, sunshine now.

My favorite time of year starts with DH's birthday on Feb. 26 and stretches to June 21 and my favorite day, the Summer Solstice. Longer daylight hours, hopefully some sunny days and an overall feeling of growth and renewal. As I said, my favorite time of year.

Bright sunshine today, beautiful day for a walk and then some company. And a bit of needling too.

My World of Needlework

Welcome to March on Queendom Website.

How does time go so fast!

A Reminder

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